That all those untimely heart attacks are caused by (what else?) COVID is the new Big Lie (but, God knows, not the last)

From Darwin K. Hoop:

It’s official: These people are dying of “COVID” because they didn’t get their jabs, second jabs, or boosters early enough or because it’s a deadly variant. Over the weekend, the official narrators began pushing the explanation that COVID is causing all of these devastating heart attacks. Ergo, it is even more vital that athletes be jabbed by the commutative law of alternative authoritarian causality.

COVID damage to the heart has become the new normie mantra over the last week, receiving ceaseless pulses of support from “trusted (mainstream) voices”.
They’ve been priming this pump since late spring 2021 and now they are pushing a Joe Rogan episode where Joe gets “fact checked” by a guest who states the risk from COVID is 8X higher than the risk of the injection. They’ve been laying this foundation for a while with bullshit studies and NYTimes articles.

The Achilles’ Heel of the argument, of which most people seem unaware, is the COVID diagnoses upon which they are relying–unlike the vakseen myocarditis data–rely entirely on debunked Corman-Drosten standard PCR tests which means they are 0% relevant. If we had a PCR reasonably calibrated to true and exclusive strings of SARS-CoV-2 data, the tests would still be wrong nearly all the time yielding >97% false positives alone. Remove 97% of the false positives from the already fraudulent data points they are using and you have NOTHING, no problem from COVID-caused heart attacks at all. They will have been using false positives from people who have pre-existing, serious, heart conditions in hospital already for these ailments to make the case that their resulting deaths and infarctions were caused not by the pre-existing condition but COVID.

We all need to be out there smashing this deadly argument to bits because pretty much all the normy-gliberals in my life are dismissing these vakseen-caused deaths as “COVID deaths” and people on our side of the debate seem to be unaware of the BS alternative hypothesis to which they are defaulting.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 Mark Crispin Miller (via nfu list) <> wrote:

A vaccinated triathlete died during a race in Chile
Admin January 13, 2022

And again a heart attack: the 38-year-old athlete died while swimming on the Ironman 70.3 Pucon.

The opening of the 2022 Ironman season at the Ironman 70.3 Pucón, Chile resulted in the tragic death of the 38-year-old. According to reports, the athlete had a heart attack while in the water.

The race had to be stopped after one of the athletes alerted security personnel to the threatening situation of one of the athletes. The athlete received immediate medical attention and was taken to the nearest hospital. He later passed away. The identity of the athlete has not yet been disclosed.

Despite the setback, the 2022 Ironman season ended successfully on Sunday at the Ironman 70.3 Pucon, with Spaniards Javier Gomez and Luisa Baptista declared the winners.

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