Some (online) balm for troubled minds

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Freaking Out? Reach Out.

Dear Planet Waves Community Member:

We are witnessing the level of planetary fear go to an all-time high. If you are feeling afraid, anxious or terrorized, you are not alone. To some degree, everyone is going through this now.

Eric Francis.
Eric Francis.

If you are feeling like you have no options or like the walls are closing in, please reach out to us. Planet Waves is not really a business; we are, in truth, a ministry of people who are devoted to being available to help. The foundation of ALL of my work isA Course in Miracles.

Our website has many options for people to find a sane and calm space at any hour in any timezone. This has always been my goal, though it’s especially relevant now — and we are doing our best to create no-cost availability to anyone who needs it.

Peace-of-Mind Content, All Free, All the Time

Free, commercial-free channels are available at STARCASTPlanet Waves FM and Planet Waves TV. There are endless hours of my voice and presence offering reassurance and peace of mind. None requires login and there are no content restrictions.

At any time, I try to keep one or more of our live streams going.

For those with specifically spiritual needs, you can tune into my Course in Miracles channel. There are many programs available free there.

If you’re feeling at the end of your tether, reach out to us by replying to this email, or by reaching out to me personally through Facebook direct message. I accept messages from “non friends” and I should see them immediately, if I am awake. I will do what I can.

All correspondence is confidential within our organization.

Do You Want to Help?

If you want to help us in this effort, there are several ways. Reach back to me if you’re a spiritually-proficient reader, consultant, therapist, or psychologist and are willing to assist some people at no cost. You may do that by writing to me directly. I will make the referrals personally. Please let me know your skill set.

Second, we run all of these no-cost operations at considerable cost to ourselves, and if you want to support our efforts, please make a donation to our nonprofit Chiron Return, or our astrology company Planet Waves. We have always provided our services free to those who cannot afford them and have never asked for donations to cover our fee and sliding scale access specifically.

I would love to create a Planet Waves spiritual hotline; if you would like to co-create that, please reach out to me directly.

Thank you for your participation. Please stay in touch.


Eric Francis

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