Looks like that Army drill for a “guerilla war” in southern states is not as sinister as RT suggested

Let’s hope this guy is right.

From Colleen McGuire: 

The Truth About That Army Drill Battling With American “Freedom Fighters”

This prepper blogger who studies the long-time Green Beret drill known as Robin Sage says this drill that got lots of attention is just training as usual and is not about the military preparing to attack its own people.  

An interesting excerpt:

In 2002, one soldier was killed and another injured after they were shot by a sheriff’s deputy who had not been informed that there was an Army training program underway throughout a great chunk of North Carolina. The soldiers were in civilian clothes and driving a car when the officer pulled them over. Upon peering into the car, the officer saw a partially disassembled M4 rifle.

Believing he was in imminent danger, the deputy pepper sprayed the soldiers to subdue them. The soldiers resisted, thinking this was all a part of the exercise, and then the deputy drew his pistol and shot them.

Ever since then, police throughout the region are instructed when Robin Sage is underway, and all soldiers wear an armband designating them as Robin Sage students.

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