Life on Airstrip One: British worker FIRED for sharing “anti-vax” opinion with NHS staff member

HI Mark,

I’m having to suddenly look for another job after having my contract terminated at 5:15pm (at the end of a business day to get all the last hours of work out of me) via phone by a stranger for poor ‘conduct’ for having expressed an opinion that was considered ‘anti-vax’ and also regarding minimizing exposure to mobile phone EMF’s and radiation to get a better night’s sleep and better health.

so this is a war against freedom of speech.

the unemployment benefits are a joke, and not even sure if I qualify for the measly 80 pounds per week.

I have to turn in my laptop/monitor/mobile phone and my access was shut off less than 2 minutes after the staffing agency terminated me over the phone (by someone I hadn’t met no less).

The silver lining is that Susan from the UK had her application for a vaccine exemption (based on medical reasons) approved! so that is a relief.

best, Susan

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