Hungry? DARPA funding creation of “3D printed food from ‘mixed waste'” (and much more from SAMIZDAT)


Interessante artikelen week #03


UN rapporteur “genuinely afraid” of police brutality, violence escalation in NL (nltimes)


Januari in de Makkelijke Moestuin (makkelijkemoestuin)

“Het is nu hartje winter. Zaaien kan nog niet, maar het is nu wel de perfecte tijd om alvast je tuin te plannen en je materialen bij elkaar te zoeken. Bovendien: als je nu je tuin opzet ben je al helemaal klaar voor het komende seizoen”.

Ik ben fan van Jelle van de Makkelijk Moestuin. Het is de meest laagdrempelige manier om zelf voedsel te verbouwen. Zelf op een klein zonnig balkon succesvol.

Square Foot Gardening (squarefootgardening)

“Square Foot Gardening creator Mel Bartholomew started the Square Foot Gardening Foundation in 1996 with the mission “To help end world hunger one Square Foot at a time.”

It was Mel’s vision to end world hunger by “Teaching a man how to fish” instead of giving him fish. Mel also believed that teaching people in underserved countries how to grow their own fresh produce was a reasonable solution to help end world hunger”.


Living in Epoch-Defining Times: Food, Agriculture and the New World Order (off-guardian).

#BareShelvesBiden Trends As Alarming Number Of People Report Empty (zerohedge)

Australia Faces Food Shortages (armstrongeconomics)

Uncontrolled spread of GE oilseed rape: A global problem (gmwatch)

DARPA funds Soylent Green as Empty Shelves in USA – #BareShelvesBiden Trends (iceagefarmer)

“DARPA is funding the creation of 3D printed food from “mixed waste,” to be served “when traditional food is unavailable.” #BareShelvesBiden is trending as empty shelves are found across the USA, and the LA Times promises the situation is only going to get worse. The food supply chain is buckling under the pressure of mandates and quarantines.”


What they REALLY mean by “living with Covid” (off-guardian)

“Why are media dialling back on the Covid hysteria? Is it because the “pandemic” is really over? Or is it an important part of the gaslighting process?

When we switch from “pandemic” to “endemic”, we won’t be getting our rights back, the vaccine passes and surveillance and the culture of paranoia and fear will remain, but people will be so relieved at the pause in the campaign of fear and propaganda they will stop resisting.

The press politicians and Big Pharma didn’t all just realise the truth, they’re just using some small parts of truth they’ve been ignoring for two years to fortify their position.

The very fact they feel the need to do so shows that the resistance is building, and that they’re are trying to lull us into relaxing.

Now would be the worst time to stop fighting.”

Wesley J. Smith: Obamacare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel Is Pushing For Permanent Medical Technocracy (technocracy)

And here the policy to normalize ‘living with covid’ – lumping all respiratory diseases into one parameter to indicate ‘threat’-levels – making the state of flu-panick, masking, ad-hoc lockdowns, testing, distancing etc. permanent. Only if we comply!


Onontkoombaar narratief is bijna altijd propaganda (deanderekrant)


Regeren via Commissies: zo wordt de democratie uitgehold (vanhamelen)

Regering erkent juridisch bindende afspraken met World Economic Forum (deanderekrant)

Rekenkamer waarschuwt Kamer: Parlement staat buitenspel in coalitieakkoord (trouw)


Reiner Füellmich & 50 Lawyers Begin Trials In Two Weeks From Jan 10, 2022 (bitchute)


Is this why so many flights are cancelled? (tiktok , link From Solari)


Aanrader à Apeldoorn levert inwoners uit aan dataverzamelaar (ezaz)

Paul de Bruin van Ezaz heeft zich in dit dossier vastgebeten. Apeldoorn, net zoals een aantal andere steden (Eindhoven bijvoorbeeld) zijn de ‘proeftuinen’ voor dergelijke 5g/ smart city projecten. Maar, het staat elke stad vrij dergelijke praktijken toe te laten, en veel gemeenten treffen voorbereidingen voor de omvorming naar ‘smart cities’.

Truthstream media on the Smart City (bitchute, link via MC Miller)

This is truthstream media’s most-banned video.


Washington pursues RAND’s plan in Kazakhstan, then in Transnistria (Meyssan in voltairenet)

“the US National Security Council has initiated several actions against Russia. It is not a question of overthrowing governments or launching new wars, but of forcing Moscow to intervene outside its borders in order to exhaust it. The Russian Federation already has a huge territory that it is unable to exploit with a population of only 150 million.

In May 2019, the Rand Corporation, the think-tank of the US military-industrial complex, listed six options in this regard [2]:

1. Arming Ukraine ;

2. Increase support for jihadists in Syria;

3. Promoting regime change in Belarus;

4. Exploiting tensions in the South Caucasus;

5. Reducing Russian influence in Central Asia;

6. Rivaling the Russian presence in Transnistria.”

Steppe on Fire: Kazakhstan’s Color Revolution (thesaker)


Smash-and-grab squads: How US looting rings organize online as police are defunded (rt)

“Liberal city residents are waking up to the robbery and violence running rampant wherever police departments have been defunded across America”.


Based on a true story: The Wave (americasfrontlinedoctors)

“Story of classroom experiment where high-school teacher formed his own ‘Reich’ to show how the German people could so willingly endorse Nazism”.

Do you remember this movie? We watched it in class. I think multiple times. Yes, the current era reminds me of the wave. But also of The Stepford Wives, and Invasion of the Body Snatches all mixed together in a dystopian high-tech futuristic setting.


Tisjeboyjay1 over wappie gevoelens.. (twitter)


Dr Mike Yeadon: The variability in serious adverse events by vaccine lot is the “calibration of a killing weapon” (dailyexpose)

“It’s not just the toxicity, it’s the variability,” he said, “these drug companies are highly professional outfits, they know how to manufacture, reproducibly, we saw that with the flu vaccines over decades. I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion they’re doing it on purpose, because they’re so professional, and after a year they know this data … so the fact that they haven’t stopped this tells me that they’re at least okay with it. And I fear that this is deliberate.”

36,257 Deaths and 3,244,052 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database – Double Vaxxed 13-Year-Old Dies from Heart Attack (healthimpactnews)


Country bans unvaccinated from leaving it (rt)

Ikea cuts sick pay for unvaccinated UK staff who are self-isolating (standard)


5G Rollout May Put Aviation Safety At Risk (technocracy)

US Military Fears EMFs Are Causing Pilots to Crash (Mercola, repost in rumormillnews)


(NL) Samizdat: clandestien geschreven informatie die in de Sovjet tijd verspreid werd in netwerken van dissidenten.

“Samizdat: ik schrijf zelf, ik redigeer zelf, ik censureer zelf, ik geef zelf uit, ik verspreid zelf”

(EN) Samizdat was clandestine and censored information information in the Soviet era that was created by dissidents and spread in underground networks.

“Samizdat: I write, I research, I redact, I spread, I publish”


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