From the Bizarro universe of “the left” (the latter brought to you by Pfizer)

From Nation of Change:

Anti-vaxxers: The albatross wrapped around America’s neck
By Michael Payne

95% of living Americans will be fully vaccinated. America will then see the Covid-19 virus not disappear completely, but become relatively harmless, very much like the flu.

From TruthOut:

Vaccine Mandates Are Working. Democrats Should Act Boldly on Other Issues Too.

Conservatives are calling Biden’s federal vaccine mandate authoritarian and dictatorial. What else is new?

From Amy Goodman (1):

Happy News Year!

As 2021 draws to a close, I want to thank you for helping to make our daily independent global news hour possible.

I really do believe that those who are concerned about issues like the widening gap between rich and poor, Medicare for All, global vaccine equity, racial justice and the climate crisis are not a fringe minority, not even a silent majority, but the silenced majority—silenced by the corporate media. 

[So the corporate media is not also promoting “vaccine equity”?]

From Amy Goodman (2):

“A vaccine for the world”: U.S. scientists develop low-cost shot to inoculate global south

By Amy Goodman

As COVID cases skyrocket, we speak to Dr. Peter Hotez at Texas Children’s Hospital about the Omicron surge, as well as his groundbreaking work developing an affordable patent-free coronavirus vaccine. Last week the Indian government gave emergency approval to the new low-cost, patent-free vaccine called Corbevax, which Hotez co-created. He says it could reach billions of people […]
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