Dr. Yeadon warns the British people NOT to celebrate what looks (to some) like victory

From Dr. Mike Yeadon (on Telegram):

Dear friends,

Please don’t celebrate prematurely.

I’m very encouraged by U.K. pull back & other major changes in recent days, including the apology by the Danish newspaper.

They’re not finished. There’s not the slightest chance that the trillions invested in control will be washed away.

Please check the opening page of this “scenario planning document”, called SPARS pandemic, 2025-28.
They give themselves away so early by referring to “use of medical countermeasures being frequently used in responding to global emergencies…..including vaccines..”

No. No, you don’t.

1. We’ve NEVER had “a global emergency”. They exist in SciFi films & criminal planning exercises.

2. We’ve NEVER used vaccines to control some outbreak that might qualify as a true emergency. Obviously not, because they take much longer to develop that the duration of any sudden emergency.

3. It’s not surprising that they focus on “disinformation”, highlighting peoples concerns about vaccines. We’ve seen what you do.

They’ll be back.

Imo it’ll take the arrest of Boris Johnson, Neil Ferguson, Raine, Van Tam, Whitty, Farrar & Vallance (just for starters) & a criminal prosecution for conspiracy, replicated in several democracies, to force a change in plan.

Otherwise, we’ll be eating masks again within a handful of years, if not sooner.

Best wishes

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