Democrats can’t govern cities anymore: Denver is a blue hell, just like San Francisco (and Chicago. Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, OR, and….)

 From Rebecca Schmoyer:

Professor Miller,

Denver, where I am at present, is also run by Democrats now.  It’s not too different from how the author describes San Francisco.  There are homeless everywhere.  Some are homeless vets.  Some are addicts.  Some are young people who came and got stranded without any money.  It is now 8 degrees F.  Three days ago, looking out the window of my apartment, I could see what looked like a man rolled in a blanket right at the side of the boulevard.  That night, it was in the 20sF.  The next day he was there in the morning.  I went out and asked him if he wanted a coffee, bought him a coffee and a couple items to eat.  This man is a US military veteran.  He has no home and is sleeping rolled in a bunch of old blankets, along with many, many other people in this area – where, btw, the average home is over $600k.  The next night it got much colder.  I went down around 10:30pm and brought him a man’s polar fleece, a coffee, and an extra blanket.  I told him he should come into the garage, which is not that warm, but not as cold as outdoors.  I said he could sleep in my car.  He didn’t want to do this.  While I was walking over to where he had his bed, I passed two other homeless people.  There are miniature tent cities in lots and along the sides of streets where there are houses worth 800k to over a million dollars.  I thought Albany, NY was gritty.  But Albany is nothing compared to this.  It’s a pretty bleak scene. 


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