COMPLETE video of WHO advisor Prof. Christian Perronne’s strong statement on the criminality of mandatory “vaccination”

Strong and clear statement made by Professor Christian Perronne

On January 12, 2022, Prof. Christian Perronne participated in the public debates at the Parliamentary Hearing in Luxemburg. He called to suspend these experiment products that are not vaccines.

We have disregarded the science and infringed our rights.
The biggest scandal of this epidemic is that we have been made to believe these are vaccines. They are not vaccines at all.
Those in the parliament who voted for an experiment product mandate can be personally prosecuted in an international court.

Prof. Perronne’s main arguments:

  • All decisions lack scientific support. Policymakers who stipulated the vaccine policies have relied on “experts” with significant conflicts of interest and misled the public through the mainstream media (also with major conflicts of interest). While the pharmaceutical industry provides zero scientific references, the world’s “most prestigious” scientific journal, namely The Lancet, has published a fraudulent study to discredit chloroquine.
  • Alternative, effective treatment is available; therefore, it is illegal for the experiment product to be authorized for emergency use and, worse, imposed as a mandate.
  • The medical agencies did not evaluate these experimental products properly. There have been defined evaluations for years. It takes about ten years to authorize a standard vaccine and another ten years for the authorized use on pregnant women.
  • More children die from the experiment product than from COVID.

Christian Perronne, MD, PhD, is Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the University of Versailles-St Quentin, Paris-Saclay, France.

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