Canada WALKS BACK cancelation of the “vaccine” mandate for truckers

What happened?

Hi Mark,

The Canadian Government has walked back that statement the next day and said it was “provided in error” (!!)  They now say that Canadian truckers must be vaccinated if they want to avoid quarantine and a pre-arrival molecular test. Unvaccinated American truckers will be turned back at the border. The U.S. is preparing to do the same to Canadian truckers on Jan. 22. The  government didn’t explain why the “incorrect information” was emailed by the CBSA to media on Wednesday. 
“We’ll be seeing shortages of goods in stores,” said President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Perrin Beatty.


There is a Truckers Freedom Convoy planning a protest in Ottawa demanding an end to the vax mandates in Canada .:

Thank you Mark for all your highly informative email — they are invaluable in these crazy times.

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