Blackstone owns half of Neil Young’s song catalog

JAN 28, 2022 
Blackstone, Spotify, Neil Young & Pfizer

Artists don’t like censorship. It goes against everything they stand for. Does no one think a musician calling for cancel culture is beyond strange? It seems most would rather bicker back and forth about Neil Young vs Joe Rogan than stand back than see the bigger picture that’s staring us right in the face.

Fun fact: Blackstone owns a large percentage of recording artists’ music, including Neil Young’s.

Also: In 2012, Blackstone entered into a partnership with Pfizer and SFJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Know the name Blackstone? You should. In addition to what I just mentioned, they’ve been buying a whole lot of real estate, which has been driving up housing & rental costs. They’re also responsible for much deforestation of the Amazon. And, they’re in bed with our governments.

Do you know who backs them? Hillary Clinton. The Blackstone Group has also hosted private fundraisers for Nancy Pelosi and is a tight ally.

Remember those missing Clinton emails? They were to the new head of Blackstone. A few were retrieved.

The #Spotify music pull is a ploy to silence…once again.

Do you know why cigarettes couldn’t be pulled from grocery stores? Because Phillip Morris owns Kraft and that would have pulled all the Kraft foods, too.

Phillip Morris/Altria Group Incorporated (MO) also owns marijuana, e-cigarettes, cigars/pipes, and tobacco pouches.
I ask you this: Why are those speaking out such a threat that they need to be ridiculed, bullied, silenced, and de-platformed by huge corporations? If everything is on the up-and-up, then why such an effort to destroy voices that question what’s going on? Why are we not allowed to have conversations?

Is Joe Rogan always correct? No, his is not. But he clearly hits the mark more often than not if the effort to silence him (and hide it) is happening.
Rogan is having the conversations. He’s getting higher ratings than CNN, so people must want to hear these talks. 

Has anyone on a meaningful national platform been more tragically wrong than mainstream media or the CDC? I don’t believe so. A lot of people have died due to their mistakes. Ventilating incorrectly. Denying other medical options to save lives. Remdesivir. Not explaining that admitted WITH covid isn’t the same as being admitted BECAUSE of covid. Changing definitions of “unvaccinated” to suit them thus increasing numbers and fear. Being sued by other countries (WHO) for “reckless endangerment to humanity” and “misinformation”. Claiming legitimate fact-checkering, then admitting in court that those are just opinions? The News Media Alliance is owned by just 6 corporations that are also partnered with pharma, food, tech, and more. Discrediting natural immunity. Lying about the Wuhan origin. Telling us covid-19 wasn’t airborne. Promising the vaccines were absolutely “safe and effective” but not mentioning a single drug side effect…something that is listed with every other drug advertised. Conditioning us by using the words like “rare” in front of things that have turned out to not be so rare. Punishing and banning people who have posted information ahead of the game which later turned out to be true, but doing nothing to make it right. Misrepresenting the PCR tests and having them pick up both covid and flu “to save time.” Limited covid tests and long waits when everyone knows early treatment is essential to get through it with few to no effects. Covid is a two-part infection…in the first days, it’s a virus. Then a week later, it hits your lungs as a respiratory disease. Unscientific hysteria about the unvaccinated. This is just a small sampling of the misinformation we’ve endured.
Those who have hurt others and covered it up throughout history have been called “conspirators.” Not the ones who were doing something to prevent/stop it.

When did it become so evil to have conversations? In a nation where free speech is built into our constitution, corporations seem to have no issues shitting all over it. 

Artists have always deplored censorship. It goes against every fiber of their being. The very fact that Neil Young pulled some cancel culture crap should have raised bright red flags for everyone. Yet, few are looking deeper. 

Now, we can see where it stems from.

Learn your history, bros. Or be manipulated as fuck.

Thank you for reading. Take your vitamin D, Zinc, colloidal silver, glutathione…get sleep, manage stress, get your rear moving each day. Get your immune system in top shape.

To those who are standing up, you have my utmost respect. It’s not easy to speak out.

As always, I maintain that I could be wrong. Time will tell.



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