Bio-fascism in full bloom at Ohio State (and countless other universities)

From a subscriber who works there:

I got a positive COVID test on January 10th from the coerced weekly testing at Ohio State University for those who received an exemption.  They gave those results to an internal contact tracing group who presumes to have the power to declare people “quarantined” until they decide when we get released.  For students they provide incarceration facilities as well.  They also claim to have the authority to keep people off of campus with the power of declaring release by form letter email without informing us of who to show it to at an empty campus. Of course with coerced consent you don’t need to inform anyone of what you’re going to do, you just do it or pretend to do it.  Among the things they also don’t tell us is what our penalty will be for going on campus or who is required to identity us and report that we’ve been on a campus that’s as big as a small town and sprawls past the main campus to buildings around the city and satellite campuses around the state.  In addition to all this they also gave my medical record to the city of Columbus without my notification nor consent.  Who else are they hemorrhaging my personal information to?  The whole thing is just weird beyond Orwellian.  Who else did they give my medical information too?  Is it only my test results?

It also gets even better.  I did all my research on how not to get COVID but not on what to do to … get over it?  I guess everyone tests positive on the PCR tests and has a cough for weeks or months after a positive test but we’re told, without a viral load test, that our viral load is now low and we are not contagious after… 20?  no wait… 14… no wait… 10… no wait… now 5 days?  Based on what?  SCIENCE!?! Some people have this disease for months. Five days after the fever I developed I was peaking for three days with viral pneumonia symptoms before returning to the cough I’ve had since December 21 and still have until today, January 24.  If we got by the day I got a positive test then I’m 14 days from that, but 20 days from the feaver that came on about January 4th or 5th.  I got another positive PCR test last Friday, January 21st from CVS pharmacy.  It came back positive.  I took another university test today.  I am interested in seeing if this makes them glitch.  Their COVID policy says I can now stop the mandatory testing for 90 days.  At first I thought this was an acknowledgement of natural immunity even thought the mandate for the “vaccine” does not acknowledge natural immunity but if you get an exemption and are forced for weekly testing then they do acknowledge it.  Then I realized that what they’re actually doing is covering up the FACT that they are putting everyone back to work when they still know, for sure, that they have the virus.  The cover story is that PCR is so accurate that it is detecting “dead nucleotides” but they KNOW for sure (and remember that its was considered scandalous) they find stabilized RNA in the “vaccines” holding together for up to two weeks if not after the injections so if that is considered unusual then how is it that we can have unstabilized viral genetic material hanging around for months and causing a PCR test to test positive if its supposed to break down so fast?  Either we’re still infected or this “vaccine” has RNA that is generating spike proteins for a lot longer or both.  And they honestly don’t know how long an individual is contagious.  All that is based on statistical research I am told exists but no one can ever point me to.

People need to be reminded of the downstream consequences of coerced consent (rape).  I am vaccinated but I refuse to participate (as much as possible without quitting my job) to fully comply with coerced consent and instead to stand with people who do not want to be forced to take the failed and dangerous vaccines for any reason including having natural antibodies.  Remember everyone, you don’t need to explain to ANYONE why you want to use your rights to use them.  You just have them.  If someone tells you you can earn a right, or need a reason to use it, or that it can be taken away, then it is not a right.

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