Bill Gates’ Washington State to vote on concentration camps

From Darwin Hoop:

This is the dragon’s lair where the Gates Misanthropy holds the governor, the regents, UW, and all mayors, judges, legislators of importance as chattel. The powers that be have also spent the last 30 years filling the region with the favorite house slaves of the transnational plutocracy, pushing out all real left, conservative, and even right libertarian factions in preparation for WA to be one of the pillars of the NWO. If it can be defeated here, it can be defeated anywhere because they have established almost ideal conditions for a final transition to Hell on earth. Friends who remain in the region describe uniform, unquestioning obedience among all but the rich. Parents who lost one child to the jab are 10X as likely to throw their remaining children at the feet of the God’s for injection than to question or challenge the system. It’s the vile monster into which authoritarian gliberalismĀ devolves.

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