What “our free press” has told us about “vaccination” rates in India is yet one more Big Lie

From Dylan Harnett (at News from Underground):

According to Barkha Dutt’s statements in August, there were long lines of people in India waiting to get vaccines, and that there was not enough to go around. But there seems to be a glaring contradiction in the narrative about whether or not the Indian people want vaccines. 

Reuters, November 2021

Indian states are sitting on more than 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines due to a reluctance among people to get inoculated, the chief executive of top vaccine maker the Serum Institute of India (SII) said on Wednesday.

“Vaccine hesitancy is now the greatest threat in overcoming this pandemic,” [the chief executive of SII] said. 

The International Growth Centre, August 2021, a think tank of (mostly) economists who “aim to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research”:

Vaccine hesitancy will prolong the return to normalcy, and abysmal figures such as a mere 10% having been fully vaccinated in India by early August of this year, are a wakeup call for policymakers and healthcare administrators. Health workers face stiff resistance from people who believe that vaccines cause impotence, lack of trust in vaccine efficacy, serious side effects and even death. Rumours about jabs disrupting the menstruation cycle and reducing fertility have also contributed to the mounting fear.

The narrative was originally very different. Vaccine hesitancy, we were told, had been very low since May. In January, vaccine hesitancy in India had been huge, even among doctors, but, since the peak of the pandemic in India in April and May, vaccine hesitancy had almost gone away. The people changed their minds and began to favor vaccines because Covid hit them so hard, we all were told. 

But then, in November, one of Bloomberg’s news organizations, Quint, admitted, “Vaccine hesitancy or reluctance was significantly overlooked with the implicit expectation that people will accept the vaccine as mere availability would increase. However, vaccine hesitancy exists, is real, and is widespread across regions; and vaccination teams have been grappling with the task of increasing coverage even after several reminders and awareness programmes.” So, the Covidian masses—if they are paying attention— are expected to believe that the pro-vaccine liberal elite, who were clamoring for “vaccine equity” in India, innocently neglected to inquire whether the people of India actually wanted vaccines or not. 

There are articles from September stating that India is actually exporting vaccines to Africa—which seems odd, given that India supposedly lacks an ample supply of vaccines for its own use. The Indian government was planning these exports while (supposedly) 22% of adults in India had received two doses, and 64% had received one dose. 

There’s also the question of how many Indians are aware of Ivermectin, and how such awareness made them “hesitant”? In July, The Indian Council for Medical Research’s seroprevalence survey found that two-thirds of Indians already have antibodies against the virus. So, natural immunity is another strong factor that could contribute to “vaccine hesitancy” in India. 

These contradictions are especially interesting in light of the mainstream media’s other suspicious claim that the Indian death toll is actually around ten times higher than the official statistics.

Thus the prevailing narrative of India appears to be one more Big Lie—not a small lie, or a few small lies—about the COVID-19 vaccination drive.  

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