Those outtakes from the “moon landing” footage are bogus; but so was the “moon landing,” as these other videos make clear

Thanks to all who have alerted me to the fraudulence of that footage said to be from Wikileaks. It actually appears to be a cunning blend of shots taken on the set of Capricorn One, and bits of the alleged “moon landing” footage—probably crafted to discredit “moon landing” skeptics.

For the latter (except those who’ve already seen them), I recommend Massimo Mazzucco’s epic documentary American Moon, and Bart Sibrel’s classic A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, which includes a smoking gun: some footage inadvertently released by NASA, showing the Apollo crew faking a shot of Earth from “130,000 miles out.” Among the many brilliants passages in the Mazzucco documentary, there’s a long dissection, by several photographic experts, of the stills universally represented as having been taken on moon, but which were obviously taken in an Earthbound studio. (I also recommend Sibrel’s other documentary, Astronauts Gone Wild, and Dave McGowan’s deft and hilarious analysis, Wagging the Moondoggie.)

It’s way past time for us to stop pussy-footing around vis-a-vis all such bogus spectacles. The CIA’s “conspiracy theory” propaganda has most of us afraid to call it like we see it, even when the evidence of fakery is overwhelming. Such reticence has made it dangerously easy for our Overlords—with the assistance of the media—to jerk the world around with ever more disastrous frauds, culminating in the world catastrophe we’re fighting now. 

So let’s no longer hesitate to seek the truth, and share it when we’ve found it, because the consequences of ignoring it are much, more worse than getting jeered at by careerist dimwits.


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