The ongoing blackout on Bobby’s book: “Literally impossible” to find a hard copy in New Zealand bookstores

From Nick Carey:

I was amazed to find here in New Zealand it appears to be literally impossible to find a physical copy of this book through our local retailers. Companies Paper Plus, Whitcoulls, and The Warehouse are the main few physical book retail chains here in NZ and none of them even list the book on their site. It doesn’t show as out of stock (as it would when sold out), it just doesn’t have a search hit at all. Quite unbelievable for a number one bestseller and even more unbelievable that retailers seemingly removed from the crazy medical capture being seen around the world could be ‘got to’ in this way. I’m sure the directive must in some way come from our exultant leader in the same way 10’s of millions have been given to our main media platforms.

Got mine online from overseas though. What a great book! Simply amazing to see that every shell game we have seen over the last 2 years from suppression of useful drugs to PCR fraud to the myth of asymptomatic spread are simply carbon copies of techniques used 35 years ago!

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