The BBC revealed what Dr. Fauci did to all those orphans (then took it down—but here it is again)

“America’s doctor” is a criminal psychopath. 

Guinea Pig Kids BBC Documentary – Fauci

New World Order: Blueprint Of Madmen Published October 30, 2021 6,785 Views

Fauci’s Dead Babies and Mass Graves From the Past


The reception of Robert Kennedy Jr’s book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ is clear evidence of a mass awakening.

The people are waking up to see Fauci for what he is: an absolute psychopath.

We’ve learned of how he directed experiments at the NIAID, in which beagles had their vocal cords removed and their heads enclosed in cages, where sand fleas ate them alive.

And we’ve learned of how he fraudulently used PCR tests to illegitimately push a known deadly drug [AZT] upon tens of thousands of people.

And many are now learning that in 1992, under the direction of Anthony Fauci, the NIAID funded drug trials on HIV-positive children – although many of the children were healthy and asymptomatic, they had merely tested positive via faulty PCR tests, administered through New York’s Child Welfare Department, who then handed them over to the deadly experiments.

Most of the drugs being tested on the children were already known to cause deformities, organ failure, brain damage and other lethal side effects.

And yet, the children were required to continue with the drugs, regardless of negative side effects.

Those administering the drugs were explicitly told that all adverse side effects witnessed in the children were being caused by the HIV infection and not the drugs.

When parents refused to consent to these barbaric trials, children’s services took their kids and placed them with foster families or children’s homes, where participation in the trial would be assured.

When the children resisted the deadly drugs, they were brought to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where plastic tubes were surgically inserted into their stomachs and the deadly drugs they were trying to escape were pumped directly into their bodies.

Once the children died, their bodies were added to a mass grave in Hawthorne, New York – a large pit with Astroturf thrown over it.

To get around the Nuremberg Code and other laws, the State of New York created a special review board comprised of the hospital stakeholders.

One may wonder, other than torturing and killing innocent children, what were they trying to accomplish?

They already knew of the negative side effects that these drugs were having on adults.

But the more we learn about Anthony Fauci, the more we realize that he is an absolute psychopath and it doesn’t matter why psychopaths do what they do.

Fauci and his criminal cohorts belong in cages, at the very least.

Anthony Fauci is just one old crook in a massive conspiracy that is aggressively pushing to inject everyone’s children with the new deadly and debilitating mRNA experimental jabs, whether you like it or not.

Going after Fauci is a drop in the bucket but at least, it’s a start.

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