Please help this Palestinian family, if you can

I am the nurse Amal Arafa is a nurse and I have 3 children have been helping the injured for 3 years in the Gaza Strip.

My husband was exposed to eczema and chest infections 10 years ago..and now he has contracted the corona virus and his condition is very dangerous.

I am doing a great job not to give my husband or any of my family any of the Corona vaccinations because my husband suffers from chest allergies and I am afraid that the disease will increase on him due to the virus and vaccination.

And now my husband is at home and needs special health care and needs expenses that I can’t take care of.

For a long time, I prevented my family from taking doses and vaccinations for the Corona virus.

My husband can’t get a job now because he doesn’t have a vaccination paper because life here doesn’t continue without a vaccination paper.

If I go with my husband to the hospital, the preventive medicine will give my whole family this vaccination and I do not want this to happen because I am afraid of this vaccination and I fear for my husband because he is in a bad condition.

I want to get a sum of money so that I can continue my life by treating my husband without vaccinations and not getting any kind of vaccinations for my children.

I am in a very critical time and I need your support and I need $200 in principle to go to my husband to a private hospital so that I do not give him a dose of vaccination.

And he needs another amount to help him relieve eczema, because he is in a very bad situation because he suffers from the flu, a great fever and a great pain in the chest.

And my goal for a long time was not to take any vaccination because of what I read in the news and after what I read on Dr. Mark’s page and what he personally told me that vaccination is not good..

I hope you will support and help me

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