New German study finds that children are at ZERO risk from COVID; Leigh Dundas on current legal actions vs. bio-fascism; Idaho is another Free State; UK’s insanely punitive new mask mandate; and much more from R.S.

From R.S.:

A good explanation of what the injections do to your immune system over time. Read or listen

Another Doctor Tries to Warn Us. Will You Hear Her? – 4 minutes

“I am a natural doctor. I have about 1,600 patients, many are vaccinated, just to give you a little backstory about my credibility.

“What I’ve seen so far is all information from physicians, medical physicians, natural physicians and also immunization and virology doctors, things like that and then, also nurses.

“So, what I’m about to share with you is the first vaxxine, the second vaxxine and then the boosters and what it does to you.


Wow. This woman is the real thing. I learned a lot about what is going on that we have not been told. Put on her presentation and just listen while you make dinner or something. It is very impactful.

Attorney Leigh Dundas Gives Updates on Current Legal Actions Regarding Vaccine Mandates – 54 minutes

California Civil Rights attorney Leigh Dundas recently spoke at a symposium in Texas.

We have published the work of Attorney Dundas in the past. She is a mother and a passionate advocate for children.

She is also fearless, and not afraid to call out the tyrants.

In this update she explains the full ramifications of the nationwide walkout and strike that happened in November protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

You didn’t hear about that? Not surprising.

Learn it now from Leigh.


The. Kids. Are. Not. At. Risk. Period. End of story.
German Study Finds ZERO COVID-19 Deaths in Healthy Children but the Children are Now Dying from the Vaccine

new study published in Germany looked at “risk of Hospitalization, severe disease, and mortality due to COVID-19” in children.

Their results found very little risks among children for serious events or deaths.

While the overall hospitalization rate associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection was 35.9 per 10,000 children, ICU admission rate was 1.7 per 10,000 and case fatality was 0.09 per 10,000.

However, when they looked at comorbidities, they could not find a single case where a healthy child in the 5 to 11 years old age group died from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Children without comorbidities were found to be significantly less likely to suffer from a severe or fatal disease course. The  lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases. (Full study.)

Unlike the U.S. and Israel where this age group is now being injected with Pfizer COVID-19 shots, this age group has not been approved for COVID-19 shots in Germany yet, although there appear to be plans in place to start this soon.


More on Pfizer hiding the results of the first 3 months of their trial. Where are the lawsuits??
Pfizer smoking-gun secret document: their deadly COVID vaccine

In short, the Pfizer document (which was never supposed to see the light of day but was disclosed as part of a FOIA suit) describes the adverse effects from just the first three months of injections with the company’s COVID vaccine:

158,000 adverse events, 1223 deaths. In a half-sane world, this would have been more than enough to halt all injections and cancel the vaccine.

I’ve queried two attorneys. They both looked at the Pfizer document and state they believe it’s authentic.

The appendix of the Pfizer document is the most astonishing section. It’s beyond astonishing. It lists all the types of vaccine adverse events Pfizer logged—again, in just three months of injections.

Page after page after page after page of types of adverse events. Each type of event cast in medical language, the language of the dead. The proponents of this technical-ese speak, as it were, from beyond the grave. They’re super-educated brainwashed zombies. It’s as if they’re listing and counting abstractions in an academic board game.


It’s good to see info like this getting out.

“Absolute And Unmitigated Liars”: Former DC National Guard Official Says Generals Fabricated January 6th Account

Matthews accuses Flynn and Piatt of lying to Congress about how they responded to urgent requests for the DC guard to be quickly deployed, and claims that the Pentagon inspector general’s November report on the attack was “replete with factual inaccuracies.”

He says the Army has created its own ‘closely held’ revisionist document regarding the riot that’s “worthy of the best Stalinist or North Korea propagandist.’


Illinois, here it comes. Seems illegal to me but that hasn’t stopped them so far.
Unvaccinated To Pay Out-Of-Pocket Under IL Rep’s New Bill

If the measure is passed, anyone who is eligible for a vaccine but chooses not to get one would have to foot their own hospital bills.

Unvaccinated Illinoisans could eventually be paying their own hospital bills, whether they have health insurance or not. A new bill proposed by state Rep. Jonathan Carroll, a Northbrook Democrat, would require anyone who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine but who chooses not to get one to pay out of pocket if they are hospitalized with COVID-19.

If passed, the amendment to the Illinois Insurance Code would go into effect with policies issued or renewed after Jan. 1, 2023.


I hear Idaho is a wonderful place to live.


Christine Massey filed FOIA request with 137 institutions in 25 countries asking for proof that SarsCOV2 exists. The replies showed that they have no record of any virus ever having been purified at all. No HIV, no HPV, no West Nile virus, nothing. No lab, no government no one has an example of any of these deadly pathogens. We have been lied to for decades. Terrain theory anyone?

Christine Massey and Mike Adams – 53 minutes

Christine Massey reveals to the Health Ranger: Covid-19 “virus” has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease…


Britain cracks down

New face mask rules as fines up to £6,400 for people who refuse to wear masks in shops

The government is bringing back face mask restrictions to battle the new Omicron Covid variant

People who refuse to wear a face mask in shops or on public transport could be fined up to £6,400 as the government reintroduces Covid restrictions to battle the new potentially more potent Omicron Covid variant.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that face covering and mask rules will be brought back from 4am on Tuesday.

It will be the first time that masks have been mandatory in shops and on buses and trains since July, although many businesses have still encouraged people to wear one.



A bit of good news.

Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Now Blocked Nationwide

A federal court on Dec. 7 blocked President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Georgia and other plaintiffs suing Biden over the mandate “will likely succeed in their claim that the president exceeded the authorization given to him by Congress,” U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker, a Trump nominee, wrote in a 28-page decision agreeing to enter a preliminary injunction.

Baker barred Biden and his administration from enforcing the mandate in any state, an expansion of a Nov. 30 ruling that applied to just three states.

The mandate was going to take effect on Jan. 4, 2022, unless it was blocked by the courts. The deadline, originally delayed in November, was initially set for Dec. 8.

“Yet another one of President Biden’s vaccine mandates has been temporarily shut down because the states—including Idaho—took a stand against his unprecedented government overreach into Americans’ lives and businesses.” Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, said in a Dec. 7 statement.


Steve Kirsch has really jumped in and done a great job with his substack reporting. He is vaxxed. He also figured out what happened and has been writing about it ever since.

Stories that the press will not cover

Nurse is COVID recovered yet shunned by her peers. That makes no sense.
Neighbor is proud to get vaxed; 4 weeks later loses both her husband and her baby
School jabs kids over objection of parents
Hospitals go from empty to full thanks to the safe vaccines

Here’s an interesting comment from the same post. I have seen this too. It seems there is no reasoning with the vaxxed.

Christine Livesay

1 hr ago

I went to a elementary school hosted vaccine clinic in my kids school district to hand parents packets that I made up that consisted of documents from our Federal government showing VAERS data. FDA October 2020 presentation adverse events, court case docket numbers to complaints on the CDC, FDA, NIH and HHS for them to look up and even an article from Steve Kirsh. Sadly the parents didn’t care. One woman wouldn’t even take the packet. She looked like a demon possessed. Couldn’t wait to walk her young child to their possible death or permanent injury. Other parents looked at the first page that showed over 18,000 deaths from the vaccine and still walked in the clinic door to vaccinate their children.

Two weeks before this I planned a protest at another elementary school hosted clinic in the same district and parents were giving us the finger, making faces at us and talking shit as they drove by us.

The point of this story is that these people that refuse to acknowledge data and facts are in a cult. This is a new religion. The COVID cult. When all common sense, rational and critical thinking fly out the window due to fear. They have been brainwashed. Drank the koolaid if you will. It scares me.



From Dr. Mercola this morning. PDF attached in case you miss the 30 hour window

Excess Deaths Exploding Despite Mass Vaccination


·         In the week ending November 12, 2021, the U.K. reported 2,047 more deaths than occurred during the same period between 2015 and 2019; heart disease and strokes appear to be behind many of the excess deaths

·         In the last 13 weeks alone, about 107,700 seniors died above the normal rate, despite a 98.7% injection rate

·         In Vermont, where the majority are also injected, excess deaths are the highest they’ve been since before the pandemic

·         An investigation using official data from NHS and the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that deaths among teenagers increased 47% since they started getting COVID-19 shots

·         Deaths from COVID-19 also went up among 15- to 19-year-olds after the shots were rolled out for this age group

·         Even with mass injections and some receiving two and even three shots in their arm, excess deaths are rising


Always worth a scan, and sometimes more than a scan.

☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, December 8, 2021 ☙ FLEEING NEW YORK 🦠

Good morning, C&C team, and Happy Wednesday! We have a big roundup for you today, with stories about: a new lawsuit shuts down the federal contractor mandate nationwide; a stellar Epoch Times article mentions C&C; de Blasio’s new private-employer mandate runs into problems; Florida’s Governor stands up for masked employees and offers passport-free beers to tourists; The Atlantic publishes an unintentionally hilarious booster article and gets virally flamed; UF professors suddenly discover constitutional rights after getting hit in the pocketbook; Florida finds Omicron and yawns; a New York Post columnist writes passionately about deciding to become a Florida Covid refugee; and a new study nukes the injections. A sign of the end?


Here is the link to the article from Jeff’s post above.

Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 Evolution Revealing Vaccine-Resistant Mutations in Europe and America

Specifically, vaccine-resistant mutation Y449S in the spike (S) protein receptor-binding domain, which occurred in co-mutations Y449S and N501Y, has reduced infectivity compared to that of the original SARS-CoV-2 but can disrupt existing antibodies that neutralize the virus. 

By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America. We anticipate that as a complementary transmission pathway, vaccine-breakthrough or antibody-resistant mutations, like those in Omicron, will become a dominating mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 evolution when most of the world’s population is either vaccinated or infected.


This makes sense. We shall see if it happens

We have DECODED the globalist plan to destroy Bitcoin and the DeFi crypto ecosystem… and they seek to replace it with heavily regulated digital wallets under totalitarian central bank control

The upshot of what we appear to be uncovering is that globalists are carrying out a plan to destroy Bitcoin and the DeFi cryptocurrency ecosystem from within, then replace it with globalist-run central bank electronic currencies which they will claim are “safer” because they are heavily regulated. This is, of course, all part of the globalist attempt to enslave humanity under digital currency controls, where they can track your every expenditure, seize funds from your accounts in mere seconds, inflict negative interest rates on your account holdings and even loot your digital wallets as “automatic taxation” operations.


The courts in Europe are even more compromised than the states. Much more info is written out in the article if you don’t want to listen for an hour. This is an excellent update on what they must do to move forward and our part in it.

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Justice will Not Come Through the Courts but by the People Rising Up – 54 minutes

He stated:

The only way to end this is by the people rising up and telling the authorities that this is the end of the line.

It is not the courts of law. The courts of law, maybe we can use them to clean things up. But I am afraid that they are not even good for that. Because they are so infiltrated by the other side that we’re going to have to setup a whole new judicial system.

That doesn’t mean that they are not going to proceed with a trial that will be similar to the original Nuremberg trials. He states that there will be a real judge, real lawyers, and real witnesses, but the jury will be “the people” who will watch it via live stream. And he expects this to happen soon, before the end of the year.

The only advice I can give you is, don’t play along. Connect with everyone else. Setup your own parallel universe, connect with all of the people who are on the good side, and then when the time comes, and it will come, I think it will come soon. We all will rise up and we will send them to hell, where they came from.



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