Mr. Blue and Maria: A sweet memory of the early Sixties

Mr. Blue and Maria: A Musical Dream

By Edward Curtin
Global Research, December 17, 2021

Sixty years ago in the late fall and early winter, a seventeen-year-old blue-eyed Bronx boy went by himself to see an afternoon showing of West Side Story on Fordham Road in the north Bronx. 
He took the bus to the theater but walked the few miles home in a romantic daze, in love with Maria and yearning for a girl like that for himself.

The movie had mesmerized him, and though he knew about gang fights and the enmity between different ethnic groups, especially white prejudice against Puerto Ricans and blacks, he had never been involved in such violence. 


It was real and not-real for him, and he was smart enough to realize that a movie was not real life and that great music had the anodyne power to enchant, and together with colorful moving pictures it could put one into a dream state that could be very powerful.

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