More “conspiracy theories” that have turned out not to be

By Tessa Leena:

My Article on Natural Immunity on Mercola + Boosters for Life + Australia

More conspiracy theories not conspiracy theories.

This story is a short collection news, formerly known as “crazy conspiracy theories.”

#1. Innate immunity after the you know what.

I promised to write about the studies showing the negative effect of the Product on our broad spectrum innate immunity. Alas, such studies have started to come out, and they need to be read. The article about it was published by Mercola, which of course makes me happy!

#2. Boosters for life (still a con but no longer a conspiracy theory).

http://[direct link to the Twitter editorial]

#3. Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand generously allowed her peasants to use the bathroom when visiting friends. But I fear that at this pace, the peasants surely risk getting spoiled!

#4 Inside an Australian internment camp. Yep, things in the world are perfectly normal. Just wear your mask.

They also chased down three aboriginal boys who had escaped from well, an internment camp. (All three tested negative… yes I know but they did none the less.) Ponder this for a second. Chasing aboriginal boys in order to put them in a camp has a strange overtone, does it not?

On a much sweeter note, this is also Australia. I like this Australia more.


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