Looks like that global UFO “attack” may be impending after all

… if Don’t Look Up is predictive programming, as it may well be. Whatever it may take to scare humanity into even more abject and widespread compliance, They will find a way to bring it on—especially as the “virus” terror starts to wane, and mass resistance rises.

(And if it is, Consortium News, stout “leftist” champion of globalism, is helping out by advertising it—as an oblique warning about climate change:


I am now officially:  seriously impressed—by your prediction that aliens/space-based lunacy would be the Next Big Thing.

I thought it was going to be war with/between Russia/China and USA.

But here it is, with timeline included:  Home – NetflixThe movie “Don’t Look Up” with a massive all-star cast, including headliner Leonardo DiCaprio, gives the predictive programming that we have “just six months” before every living life form on planet earth will go extinct.

How conveniently timed to the midterm elections!

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