Latest UK mortality statistics show “systematic mis-categorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of C-19 vaccination”

In short, it’s a huge scam. 

From Dr. Mike Yeadon (on Telegram):

I’m disappointed but no longer surprised.
It looks like the Covid19 vaccines don’t have any beneficial effects. Because I assure you that industry knows they don’t work. The regulatory agencies know. Leading figures in each government administration know.

All they do is mark you as jabbed. Entitled to a digital ID, goody! (It’s not good, you’ll be tracked 24/7 & every transaction you make).

The narrative never hung together for those with their brains in gear.

I’m a bit surprised to see no benefit at all. How hard is it to build in some effectiveness?

There you go. If ever you’re tempted, under duress, do remember that those insisting you get vaccinated KNOW they don’t work AND are toxic.

So…..why again are they so keen to get that needle into your arm & that of your children?
It’s clearly not for your health. All those officials, enforcing stupid rules which play no role whatsoever in maintaining public health?
They are today’s equivalents of German Nazis. A very large proportion of the population eventually chose to join the party. In part because if they didn’t, they were excluded from all sorts of things (sound familiar?).

One of the most striking observations made about ordinary people in extraordinary times is how readily the vast majority of people adapt to the new rules. As in Germany, discrimination here is the thing, sorting people into Good & Bad categories. This ready adaptation to living in a world of ghastly wrongness is disturbing.
But it’s the absence of responses to truly awful things, such as people being dragged away, the tops of their shoes bouncing off the cobbles, it all being “Fur Seine Sicherheit” (for your safety), that gave rise to the expression, “The banality of evil”.

We can & should resist. Reject vaccine passports at first sight. They’re not neutral. Once established in any country, their use can easily be widened.

So spread seeds of doubt, every day on each opportunity, to ask, rhetorically, “How very odd things are, don’t you think? I no longer believe what we’re being told, do you?”

Finally. Whatever crappy reason you’re given, NO ONE has primacy over your right to bodily autonomy. Our government has signed us up to various human rights conventions. They all include “bodily autonomy”. It’s THE central feature of western liberal democracy, the primacy of the individual to go about their lawful business unhindered by the state.
Insist on it, with others around you.

Look for allies. Among even those who’ve been vaccinated, some will know it’s wrong to discriminate.

Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon

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