Good news: Parents mostly “hesitant” to get their children “vaccinated”

Good News: Parents Reluctant to Give COVID Shot to Their Kids

Roger L. Simon

Roger L. Simon


December 15, 2021 Updated: December 16, 2021


If you watch Fox News or Newsmax and see the endless, repellent government-made commercials of frolicking children, smiling ear-to-ear, presumably because they have just been vaccinated against COVID-19, you could easily think, well, everyone’s doing it.

Not so.

According to a report dated Dec. 8 and based on the CDC’s Data Tracker, only 16.7 percent of 5–11 years olds have received at least one shot thus far. (72.2 percent of the general U.S. population have taken at least one dose.)

What accounts for this reluctance to vaccinate the young?

Maybe a little common sense laced with knowledge. You don’t have to have read one of the estimable books on the subject by Alex Berenson, Dr. Scott Atlas or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—although that would help—to realize something’s awry here.

Information appears to have filtered down, including, importantly, the microscopic percentage of children that actually die from the disease. Apparently they are dying at a lesser, or close to the same, rate as the flu. In other words, minimal.

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