Globalism’s useful idiots: “Woke” teachers boast of teaching little kids about transgenderism, gender theory

Transgenderism has the blessing of the corporate media—and ample funding by the likes of Warren Buffett and George Soros—not because those interests give a flying f*ck about “inclusion” and “diversity,” but, in part, because those surgeries and hormone treatments are—like “vaccination”—highly lucrative, and, in part, because transgenderism has a eugenics function (disabling procreation) and represents a big step toward transhumanism. 

In any case, such indoctrination is horrendous. These child abusers (that being what they are, considering the likely psychological effect of such instruction) should be fired.

Proud Groomer Teachers

Preschool teacher (via Libs of TikTok)

DECEMBER 28, 2021

8:54 AM

Call it confidence, or call it arrogance, but there are some young schoolteachers who brag on TikTok about telling the little kids in their class all about transgenderism and gender theory. For example:
Click on the link for the rest.

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