FDA approved a lethal flu vaccine, in furtherance of the globalist campaign to kill the old

Prove me wrong.

When we are not looking
The FDA approved a very dangerous flu vaccine for seniors and will not do anything about it

Wayne Rohde
Dec 4

With all the focus currently about the COVID-19 vaccines and their boosters, the CDC is quietly building another vaccine campaign for our seniors. This time it is the influenza vaccine in combination with a COVID vaccine.

Sanofi’s FluZone HD (high dose) influenza vaccine for administration to anyone above the age of 65 has been approved for several years. The trivalent (3 strains) HD vaccine was approved in 2013. The quadrivalent (4 strains) was approved in late 2019.

But to inject someone with the COVID vaccines and the flu vaccine during the same office visit was not approved until ACIP gave the go-ahead in May of 2021. Prior to this approval, the waiting time was 14 days between COVID vaccines and the others.

The FluZone HD vaccine is designed to deliver 4 times the antigen as compared to the regular flu shot. The idea according to CDC, FDA and Sanofi, by delivering a higher dose of influenza antigens, seniors with lower immune systems will benefit greatly with this vaccine.

Its a theory that has delivered some very devastating results, not only in the real world but also in the clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer Sanofi.

There is a higher risk of adverse reactions and serious medical conditions by administer a flu shot to those above the age of 65 or those with compromised immune systems.

Most common injuries are shoulder injuries (injected in wrong location) and Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

It is the GBS injuries that rise to become a greater concern.

In the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program (NVICP), there is an increase in the severity of GBS from the FluZone HD as compared to other similar aged persons who received a non HD flu shot.

And the severity often times leads to death.

We have to be careful about conclusions because of selection bias. Was a petition filed in the NVICP because of the severity GBS leading to death versus no petition filed because the GBS was not as severe and the injured person recovered?

Another problem comparing HD petitions to regular flu shot petitions. Will there be any mention of the specific vaccine administered. A couple of Special Masters in the NVICP will not mention any brand names or specific types of vaccines other than influenza or MMR or Tdap, etc.

But just a cursory review of petitions, there is an increase in the severity of GBS leading to death for those who receive the FluZone HD vaccine.

VAERS has nearly 12,000 reports for the FluZone HD vaccine. With many more serious events than the traditional influenza vaccines. With all the criticisms of VAERS regarding underreporting, there is definitely a safety signal with bells and whistles ringing. Yet the CDC refuses to investigate.

Once again, CDC refuses to examine adverse event reporting. In their mind, if we do not examine, there are not issues, thus the vaccines are safe and effective.


Keep learning, keep challenging yourself and always, always question authority.

Have a good day.

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