Dr. McCullough published a paper on evidence of myocarditis—then Elsevier WITHDREW it, with no explanation; so he and his co-author are suing them

Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough published a paper describing evidence of myocarditis.  The paper was accepted by Elsevier and peer reviewed.  However, with no explanation it was withdrawn at the request of another doctor.  Perhaps because it challenged the roll out of vaccines for children?  Rose and McCullough are now suing the publisher.  Elsevier is attempting to get them to sign off on and agree to the withdrawal.

Censorship update: record keeping
For posterity…

Jessica Rose
Dec 30

I have received many emails from the publishing company Elsevier since we sent our Letter of Intent to them a couple of months ago. These emails, however, are not explanations as to why me and Peter’s Myocarditis paper was censored, but seeming attempts to trick me into signing off on false ‘proofs’. You’ll notice below that the manuscript title for the ‘proof’ in question has the word ‘WITHDRAWN’ beside the title. I am 18 days late! But not in a way that would actually cause me concern. You need new tactics boys!

If I had not become the suspicious and experienced-with-deception type person that I have become of late, I might have prematurely and mistakenly signed off on this (you know, thinking that they might have re-decided to publish the paper). This would have meant that we, Peter and I, the authors, would have gone into a contractual agreement misclaiming that we had withdrawn our work – which, of course, we did not. We were not even informed (by them) that they had done so on October 15th, 2021.

The actual .pdf file that represents what the publisher claims is the paper’s ‘contents’ is one page and shown below. No paper, and no contents, in sight.

Now, I could be very naive and think that Elsevier’s Team simply do not know the reality of the situation, but I don’t think I should assume that role. I think they know very well that, if I signed off on this, then Peter and I would make ourselves the culprits of this foolish ‘Withdrawn’ game.

I still can’t quite fathom properly that we are being put through this. This is the ‘Science’ that you would spout to have us ‘trust’? We are simply trying to publish a simple, non-controversial analysis of adverse event data on Myocarditis – which everyone knows is evidently and evidence-ly caused by the COVID-19 injections – primarily in young boys. That is all. What? There are such massive failures in our society now that it has become acceptable to destroy the hearts of pre-pubescent boys in the name of pure stage-fright? Stage-fright crafted by con artists whose motivations are profit. End of story. Not even sinister. Just colossally STUPID. THE SAME MORONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOUSING MARKET CRASH of 2007/2008 WILL CRASH US ALL. RIGHT INTO A WALL. Except this time, it won’t be the economy that fails, it will be humanity, as we know it. Wow, that turned bleak all of a sudden. But, how can I not speak about the end of all things when confronting an update on censorship? It’s all the same shit, isn’t it?

Below is the list of dates and emails I have received since December 2nd, 2021 pushing for me to approve these ‘proofs’.

And my only reply. I wanted to be clear. Once.

I will keep my readers informed on this. Substack is very useful for keeping a public diary of current events.

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