“Death by Alphabet: Moderna batch codes and associated deaths”

Death by Alphabet – Moderna Batch Codes and Associated Deaths 5 min. video

The batches with J, K, L and M are the most toxic and in the category ending in 20A.

The batches with A, B, C, D, E and F belong to the less toxic category which is the category of batches ending in 21A .

The less toxic have all killed people. The weakest dose has still hurt many.

Scroll down for summary of this video and related video links with summaries on How Bad is My Batch of Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen, and Disability by Alphabet – Moderna Alphabetic Batch Codes and Disability

Please check this app before allowing your child to receive Covid 19 vaccine.

I downloaded the data from the VAERS database into excel.
VAERS data is available for free and is publically available.

…I was aware that some people suffer greatly after vaccination, whilst others suffer only mildly. I therefore hypothesised that people might be receiving different dosages. I decided to investigate this.

….As shown in my previous videos, Moderna batches have an alphabet letter in the centre of their batch code – which is either J, K, L, or M, or A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H

In my previous video I showed how number of ADVERSE REACTIONS per batch decreases as the alphabetic designation ascends.

In this video I show how number of DEATHS per batch also decreases as the alphabetic designation ascends.

This video demonstrates that –
1. there are different ranges of toxicity for different batches.
2. These ranges of toxicity are distinct from each other.
3. These ranges of toxicity are each labelled with a different letter of the alphabet
4. Toxicity decreases in a linear fashion as the alphabetic designation ascends

As a result, batches can cause 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, or 7x the number of deaths, depending on their alphabetic designation.

Moderna has labelled their vaccine batches in accordance with their toxicity.

Moderna has tested dosages of varying lethality upon the American people, and monitored the effects, and they have done this in a systematic way – employing alphanumeric coding to label the different experimental conditions .

Literally, death by alphabet

I should add that Pharma has reduced the death count for J and K groups by assigning two batch codes for the same batch i.e.
025J20A and 025J20A-2a , and 011J20A and 022J20A – 2a. By doing this they effectively halve the number of deaths per batch, hiding the gross effects of their most toxic experiments. When these deceptions are corrected, then J and K are elevated.

To all the doctors and nurses out there who are administering vaccines, please take note of these findings when giving a shot. Look at the batch number. If it ends in 20A, please do not inject it. If the fourth character of the batch code is J, K, L, or M then please do not inject it. You should realise that though F is less toxic than E, and E less toxic than D, and D less toxic than C and C less toxic than B, and B less toxic than A, nevertheless they have all killed people. Giving people the weakest dose – F – has still hurt many.

It is my duty to inform you of these findings, so that you can avoid hurting, maiming or killing others. If I did not tell you this, I would be complicit in every subsequent adverse reaction. Now you know. Now you must act accordingly.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : on these findings a body of lawyers are now challenging the EUA on the grounds that the vaccine product shows serious inconsistency in toxicity between alphabetic batches and therefore breaks the original agreement with the FDA that all vaccine batches must be consistent .How Bad is My Batch3 min. video
Doctors and nurses can now check the number of deaths and disabilities reported for any vaccine batch before prescribing it. In this way they can provide more informed consent. Doctors and nurses can check before they decide to administer from a particular batch.
Every teacher involved in deployment of the vaccine should be educating the students about vaccine safety – which means telling the students and/or parents the reported fatality numbers. Teachers can do this anonymously by texting parents using a different sim. Just send a short message to parents saying –

Vaccine Safety App – Please check this app before allowing your child to receive Covid 19 vaccine.

So I have created a web app called How Bad is My Batch . This app is now live at . The reason I chose to create an online app is because it cannot be censored by Google Play or Apple Store, so it will always be available. Also an online app is easier to update.

The app will enable the public to look up their batch code and see how many deaths, adverse reactions, disabilities and hospitalisations are associated with that code.

It is for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen batch codes, and based on US data in VAERS.

…This app will be very popular even with pro vax – they want to know what they have taken, and anti-vax want to know which batches are dangerous, and by how much. Doctors and nurses could also use this app to see how risky a particular batch is BEFORE they prescribe it.

…Donations are welcome to pay for hosting, ongoing research and data analysis. I intend to monitor VAERS and update the adverse reactions for batches on a weekly basis, so that people can receive a warning if toxic batches appear.
Please donate using the link am grateful for any support you can offer.
….Archived version:

….It will live forever on the blockchain and cannot be shut down by any entity, including the government. If the original site is removed or inaccessible for whatever reason, the permalink and archived version will still be accessible.
Disability by Alphabet – Moderna Alphabetic Batch Codes and Disability4 min. video

The number of disabilities following administration of all moderna batches was counted using the VAERS database.

It is found that alphabetic groupings of the batches show significant differences in the number of disabilities caused – with a linear trend of descending number of disabilities as the alphabet ascends.

The number of disabilities in each alphabetic group is close to the number of deaths for each group – shown in a previous video (see part 2 and part 3). So the same batches that cause excessive deaths in some, cause excessive disabilities in others.

Once again alphabetic groups J, K, L, M are associated with greater disabilities than groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

It is noteworthy that the J, K , L, M groups have batch codes ending in 20A, whilst the A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H groups have batch codes ending in 21A.

Once again, there appears to be greater variation of outcome with the more toxic batches, this being evident from the greater spread.

All spreadsheet data is available here –

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