De Blasio’s done to New York City what his father and his uncle helped the CIA do to Iran in 1953

No wonder he’s so arrogant. (That, and the corruption of the city’s voting system.)

From Colleen McGuire:

Bill DeBlasio has many Deep State connections. Maria DeBlasio Wilhelm [mother of NYC mayor] had numerous connections to intelligence agencies. She worked for the OSS. Her husband, Warren Wilhelm Sr. (aka Kingsley Wilhelm) and his brother George Wilhelm Jr. played a role in the CIA’s 1953 coup in Iran (George was commissioned by  Richard M. Helms in 1961 to ghost write the memoirs of the Shah of Iran.)

Ferdinand Kuhn was likely Maria DeBlasio’s boss when they both worked at the Office of War Information (a section of the OSS) during World War II, starting in 1943. Mr. Kuhn’s 1978 obituary in the Washington Post implies he had any number of connections to Central Intelligence Agency progenitors.

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