CORRECTION: US pilot deaths have increased by 85%, NOT by 1,750%

From Kathy Dopp:

CORRECTION of 12/13/2021 article: US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout 

I was contacted by a pilot who suggested some corrections: He said,

” I am a retired United Airlines pilot. As far as I know the deaths are reported and published when ALPA is notified of the death. The deaths are only reported once in the magazine. In the October, 2021 issue the list for 2019 shows one pilot dying. That does not mean that only one pilot died in 2019. In the October, 2020 issue 4 deaths are reported for 2019 and 34 for 2020. In the Jan/Feb 2021 2 deaths are reported for 2019 and 26 for 2020. You have to tabulate the number of deaths for each year by using the data from each monthly magazine to find out the total number of reported deaths in a particular year.”

Thus, here are the pilot deaths known now by year for 2019, 2020, 2021:

2019: 1 + 4 +2 = 7 pilot deaths reported in total
2020: 34 + 26 = 60 pilot deaths reported in total
2021: 111 pilot deaths reported in total as of Oct 2021

Thus, the US pilot death rate increase in 2021 is more correctly reported currently *so far* is 85% higher than in 2020 (the pandemic year) and is 1486% higher than in 2019?

And the pandemic death rate increase in 2020 was 757% higher than in 2019?

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