Chile already using the “vaccines” to “insert thoughts and feelings” into the injected

From Susan in the UK: 

Hi Mark,

Here it goes, a real scary new world where those who were led to believe getting c-vaxxines would protect them from covid are in fact now having “thoughts and feelings” inserted via the c-vaxxines injections and then have no protection from covid or variants.

No wonder every country is hell bent on forcing everyone to get jabbed so everyone can be easily controlled.

See today’s update:

The President of Chile has repeatedly mentioned that this (nano) technology (being injected via vaxxines) will make it possible to “insert thoughts and feelings” into people.

The neuro-rights law is already a reality in Chile and, most likely, will soon expand to other countries.

This law is directly related to the nanotechnology injected with each COVID dose and the implementation of 5G on a global scale. 

The President of Chile has repeatedly mentioned that this technology will make it possible to “insert thoughts and feelings” into people.

The main promoter of this law, the Spanish neuroscientist Rafael Yuste, is now shown as a “protector of the brain” in magazines. When, in reality, he’s just another false messiah. 

Ricardo Delgado: Rafael Yuste, “The Guardian of the Brain.”

Dr. Sevillano: Precisely. They call him “The Guardian of the Brain,” when he’s the guy who has left the brain of mankind at the service of the biggest criminals that the human being has right now in the shadows. And, on top of that, they call him “The Guardian.” So you can see how cynical these people are.

Ricardo Delgado: That’s right.

Dr. Sevillano: Precisely, they call “The Guardian of the Brain” the guy who has given them the key to the brain. To the guy who has unveiled it. If he had not opened his mouth, we would be safe right now. But since he has opened it, notice, now “the guardian” is at their service. This is so that no one finds out what they’re doing to you, right? This is the “guardian of the brain.”

Ricardo Delgado: He says: “In the laboratory, we already manage the minds of mice as if they were puppets. In ten years, it’ll be done to yours.” He says in ten more years, but they’re already doing it.

Dr. Sevillano: He’s a liar. Just listen to President Piñera. Mr. Yuste, haven’t you talked to Piñera? To your little buddy in Chile? With the one, you have told… Because Piñera doesn’t even know what day it is. It’s obvious. You only have to listen to him when he talks. But you have already told him what you’re going to do with us because you talk and meet with Mr. Piñera, with that guy with whom you’ve signed the law on neuro-rights. And that gentleman is talking about the fact that they can already put experiences in people’s heads. Thoughts. 

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