What happened to CHD today, and a CAVEAT: Gavin Newsom may well have Bell’s palsy, but that video on Twitter does NOT show it

CHD cut off, since posting about Newsom’s post-jab problems 

A source tells me that CHD’s story about Gavin Newsom’s “vaccine” injury immediately drew somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 views, at which point their website crashed; then Tucker Carlson, having read the story, reported it on his show.

That’s all I know.

Several NFU subscribers have noted that the video of Newsom, tweeted [on November 8th] by one “Maze,” was doctored; so (since NFU, unlike the New York Times et al., is ever quick to send corrections out) I’m sending out this caveat, with Michael Green’s detailed response.

And, speaking of inauthentic video moments, others have suggested, plausibly, that the one I shared via Substack the other day—in which a Karen goes Covidian-ballistic on an airliner (the guy in the seat next to hers being “unvaccinated”), and the crew and pilot stand up to her, and finally tell her to get off the plane, in defense of non-discrimination—was staged.

That’s probably true, and surely disappointing; but I’ve left it up (on Substack) as a bit of bracing theater, since it’s a very powerful enactment of what should be standard treatment of COVID-segregationist hysteria.


From Michael Green:

Maze is having fun, being facetious at×720/KjVPZrE7VyYyBFFT.mp4?tag=12.  She [posted] a doctored video.  The following Tucker Carlson report on Newsom’s absence of 12 days includes the video Maze used without the audio, but with un-slurred subtitles. 

In this video (minutes 1:07 to 1:25), which I take to be genuine unless you are willing to believe that Tucker and/or Fox are very deep into rehabilitating vaccine safety, Newsom’s face no longer has the Bell’s Palsy left cheek pulled outward with an invisible wire hanger inserted into mouth.

It is safe to rule out the possibility that this video was doctored back into health by Fox because it is referred to as a “pre-recorded video statement,” so it was not being offered as evidence of his well-being, but as evidence of his being in hiding.

Michael Green

Original Post: about four hours ago, someone named Maze@mazemoore posted a video of Newsom on the “gavin newsom” Twitter feed, under the heading, “Gavin Newsom is fine. He released this video just two days ago.”

(That heading is either ironic or delusional: Newsom, in that video, does not look “fine” at all, but like he’s suffering from Bell’s palsy, as the left side of his face slants down; and instead of managing to say “across the country,” as he tries to do, smiling gamely, as if hoping nobody will notice something’s wrong, he says “acwoss the country,” like Elmer Fudd.

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