UK data spells it out: While those “vaccines” ARE NOT reducing COVID deaths, they ARE GROWING THE DEATH RATE OVERALL

Now that Israel is waking up, these data should awaken the UK as well.

From Kathy Dopp:

I plotted this data on the same scales for an accurate comparison of vaccinated versus unvaccinated weekly COVID and All-cause death rates, obtained from table 3 (COVID-19 weekly death rates by vaccination status) and table 4 (All-cause weekly death rates by vaccination status) in England’s report:

England is the only country, worldwide, that seems to keep accurate records of its deaths by vaccination status.  We know the US has deliberately not kept accurate records due to manipulations of testing procedures, hospital procedures and funding, etc. (See Corruption of Health Regulatory Agencies, Big Pharma, Government, and Media )

CONCLUSION TO BE DRAWN:  The COVID vaccines used in England (mRNA & DNA vector vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazenica) do NOT significantly reduce COVID mortality, but are resulting in greatly increased all-cause mortality.   

This finding is consistent with what scientists have been warning prior to the experimental mRNA/DNA vaccine rollouts.  (See Scientists and Doctors Warn Against Investigational EUA COVID-19 Vaccines).  As medical practitioners have been saying since early 2020, there are many safe and effective treatments to prevent and treat COVID-19  (See COVID-19 Preventions and Treatments ).  People who have already taken the experimental COVID mRNA/DNA shots may want to consult with the medical recommendations made on this page: Suggested Strategies to Recover from COVID Vaccine Problems

Kathy Dopp, Natick, Mass., MS mathematics
Science is my passion, politics my duty (Thomas Jefferson, paraphrased)

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