This attack on all the world was actually ANNOUNCED in 1992, at the Convention of Biodiversity (MUST-READ)

From Dave Ratcliffe:

From the Corona Committee Session 79: Technocracy Gone Wild, 19 Nov 2021:

Patrick Wood explains the connection between the 1992 Convention on Biodiversity and the 2020 Fear Pandemic: Beginning at 17:55:
     [Agenda 21 is] a very important aspect that you mention here. Rosa Corey was a friend of mine by the way, because she’s from California. She’d passed now but she was very outspoken on Agenda 21. Spot on as far as I’m concerned. We spoke together at a couple of conferences. And the physical aspects of sustainable development. How can I put this? There was the the property angle where Agenda 21 specified that private property would be essentially wiped out over a period of time. They didn’t want any private property anywhere. They wanted to control all the property—all the resources of the world. That’s where stuff comes from—you have forest, you have mining, you have oil and whatever—all comes out of the ground. Whatever we have anywhere, it all comes out of the ground one way or another. They wanted control of those resources and they didn’t want people to have control of those resources. So that was a big, major, major focus that we had say 10, 15 years ago, as we looked at Agenda 21.

     But the closer—the more I look at it over time, the more I realize that the term “sustainable development” was a marketing term. It was very poorly defined by them to the people. And it’s like, well, Who would be against being sustainable? Of course you want to be sustainable because the implication is, well you’re going to die if you’re not sustainable. You need to do something to get on down the road. So it was marketed in a very slick way to hold a carrot out to the world: Well, if we learn how to be sustainable, we will last a lot longer in the world. Right? Might live longer, but the world might last longer too.

     What they didn’t tell anybody at the time is that the price to be paid for that was turning over control of everything to them and let them control it. That’s a different deal than just like, Hey, we’re all in this together sort of thing. Like, Hey, you be sustainable, I’ll be sustainable. They want control of everything. And they were pretty clear about that.

     What wasn’t brought out in this—and I want to stress this because this ties into the medical issues we’re dealing with today with the pandemic, et cetera—other things that they didn’t bring out that I think now are being brought out because of current events—I want to read you two short quotes from a book written by two eye witnesses and participants in the [1992] Rio conference. They were there. They went as full—they were scholars, they were environmentalists of the old school. They went there hoping to be a part of the new thing that was happening, this new sustainable development thing.They saw great hope initially, but they came away disillusioned. And so they wrote a book called THE EARTH BROKERS – Power, Politics and World Development. In this book, which I had read a few years ago—I had to read it again when the pandemic things began in early 2020. In their book, they talk about the Biodiversity Convention, as well as Agenda 21. And the Biodiversity Convention as I mentioned ran in parallel at the same physical conference but it was just two different tracks. Agenda 21 over here, the Biodiversity Convention over here. Same people in many cases moving back and forth between the different tracks. Here’s what they wrote in their book, The Earth Brokers…. this is a direct quote [on page 42]:

[T]he convention implicitly equates the diversity of life – animals and plants – to the diversity of genetic codes, for which read genetic resources. By doing so, diversity becomes something modern science can manipulate. Finally, the convention promotes biotechnology as being ‘essential for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity’.
Article 16(1)Convention on Biological Diversity.

     That is stunning because it gives you the insider definition of what biodiversity means. You and I might think biodiversity means there’s lots of different species in the forest and the jungle and the oceans and oh it’s wonderful. I love the natural world, I always have. I grew up on a farm. We had all kinds of stuff that was cool for a young guy to play with and observe. But biodiversity had a completely different meaning in 1992 at the Biodiversity Convention. Having just introduced that topic … what they said on the next page, a direct quote [on page 43], with the definition again of what the convention really means:
[T]he main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity. In the case of the North, and the USA in particular, the major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries …

     When I read that again I was stunned, I felt a little embarrassed because I hadn’t seen it before. I hadn’t paid attention to it, I guess, because Covid was not in your face. The pandemic was not in your face. I just glossed over it just, okay, you know, some words and I went to the next paragraph. But this tells us that it wasn’t just a minor issue at the biodiversity convention. It was the main stake they said. The main issue. The main stake at the biodiversity convention was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. And then as I looked at this again, I said, well, that was the time then when we were off to the races to implement all the things that we’re seeing today.

     Look back and sift through the history of the last 25, 30 years, you’ll see many things that plug into this new concept. When the DNA-based or the synthetic DNA-based therapies began to be developed in the last few years, they were completely released to the public first with messenger RNA vaccines. And then in India, now there’s actually a DNA-based vaccine that’s being given to people there. It doesn’t go into the muscle. It just goes under the skin. And we see now that the shots have been introduced to humanity, we see now the intent that the whole world must participate in these DNA modification exercises of humanity.

     When you ask the question, Where did this come from? I can trace it right back to the Biodiversity Convention, which ran in parallel with Agenda 21. This is where it all started. They set the groundwork, the legal groundwork, if you will, at the United Nations where a hundred, I think it was maybe 187 nations signed off on these agreements. That gave the United Nations the right, if you will, to come back later and say, You remember, you signed this agreement, Mr. Premiere, Mr. Prime Minister, and we’re going to hold you to it now.

     So when the pandemic hit in January, it was released by the World Health Organization in January of 2020, and they said, well, we have a pandemic folks. The United Nations went to all these countries that participated in the Biodiversity Convention. And they said, This is what you signed. This is what we must do. We are taking control over this situation. And all of the nations of the world simultaneously panicked, ran off to execute the policies that were given to them to execute the lockdowns, the face mask, later the vaccines, all of the other stuff, the social distancing. All of these policies were shoved down the nations of the world’s throat because of what they signed off on at the Biodiversity Convention in 1992.

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