There’s no polite or tactful way to tell the truth about this second Holocaust (and no forgiving those who know it, but don’t try)

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Letter to an Agree-to-Disagree Relative
Pass the Butter … And, Umm, How About That Democide?

Margaret Anna Alice

Imagine the Holocaust is happening again. Only this time, it’s on a planetary scale. And there aren’t any Allies coming to the rescue—because they’re just as guilty as the Axis.

Then imagine you have incontrovertible proof that mass extermination is occurring, and it has been devised by megalomaniacal self-styled godspatented and formulated by pharmaceutical megacorporations; imposed by governments (or else) and official agencies; implemented by hospitalsdoctors, and the medical community; and covered up by mainstream media and Big Tech.

Now imagine people are telling you sharing evidence of that atrocity is making them uncomfortable. They want to change the subject; they want to agree-to-disagree.

How would you feel when you’re doing everything in your power to prevent more human beings from being massacred, and most people don’t want to hear about it, don’t want to think about it, don’t want to even consider the snowballing scientific data because it contradicts the worldwide propaganda campaign being scripted by the very entities committing these crimes against humanity?

I know that sounds hyperbolic. That’s what purveyors of the Biggest Lie in world history count on. It is too titanic, too ridiculous to be believed.

All of their mouthpieces tell you so. They tell you we’re “anti-vaxxers.” They tell you we’re “conspiracy theorists.” They tell you we’re spreading “misinformation.” They tell you we’re “right-wing extremists,” “Deplorables,” and “Trump voters.”

They tell you not to listen to us. They tell you we can’t be trusted. They tell you THEY are your “single source of truth.”

I know genocide—in this case, democide—isn’t a topic you bring up in polite conversation. But I’m not polite. Because being “polite” when you know people are being medically liquidated makes you an accomplice to murder, and I will not go gentle into that bad night.

I know you’re not supposed to say, “Pass the butter, and oh, have you heard about the millions of people who have suffered excruciating, lifelong injuries or the hundreds of thousands (at least 150,000 in the United States alone) who have been lethally injected by BigPharma and those colluding in the execution and coverup of this depopulation campaign?”

“And how about that totalitarianism spreading around the globe like, hmm, well, like a highly contagious virus?”

“Or did you hear about Dr. Mengelfauci funding savage experiments on beagles where the sadists slashed their vocal chords so they wouldn’t be annoyed by the dogs’ screams while their faces were being devoured by sand flies until they died?”

“Oh, and what about all those cases of post-injection myocarditispericarditiscardiac eventsstrokesstillborn deathsnewborn deaths, and the nearly million adverse event reports—including 18,853 deaths through November 12, 2021—in VAERS alone? Why do you think the media didn’t tell you about any of those injuries and deaths? Weird, right?”

“Incidentally, did you know all those people who died from COVID could have been saved if early treatment protocols like ivermectin had been promoted or even permitted and interventions like RemdesivirMidazolam, and ventilation had been prohibited?”

“Isn’t it strange that Israel, the country with the fastest mass vaccination rate in the world, is witnessing spiking mortality rates—all among the vaccinated? And I wonder why they had to agree not to disclose the terms of their contract with Pfizer for a decade? Wouldn’t it be bitterly ironic if the Israeli government became complicit in the genocide of its own people? Hitler’s Willing Executioners, indeed.”

“Speaking of Pfizer, why do you think the FDA asked a federal judge to give Pfizer until 2076 to release its vaccine data? Don’t you think they’d want to share proof for their claims of safety and efficacy with scientists if they have so much confidence in their product?”

“Isn’t it odd how the entire world fell under a spell simultaneously after being subjected to a comprehensive fear campaign and suddenly forgot about concepts like natural immunity, hard scientific data, freedom of speech, individual rights, and the hazards of authoritarianism?”


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