“The man who died alone”: Celia Farber nails it

The Man Who Died Alone

Who was he? And who are we?

Celia Farber
Nov 5

It’s 2021.

Our gravely concerned Globalist jailers have placed us in psychic open-air graves clear around the world. As the sun rises and sets, they bray and bray, like mules made of recycled tin, their unceasing hammer blows to our exhausted souls, that we must, as the singular and final act of human decency, “get vaccinated.”So they think we didn’t hear them the last ten thousand times they said it? What does it mean to repeat ONE THING over and over and over and over to a person, or to 400 million people? It means you don’t acknowledge their aliveness, or your own. There are no longer ears, anywhere, no give and take, no dialogue. No life.

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