Sad to say, the University of Austin has some rather fishy benefactors….

From Evan Dominguez:

Mark, I saw your post about University of Austin, which is brought to us by a number of folks including Larry Summers and Stephen Pinker, whose ties to Jeffery Epstein are documented. I haven’t looked into any of the other folks who are helping establish the University of Austin, but the co-founder of Palantir may have some CIA business behind him, if Whitney Webb is right about them (I don’t know anything about Palantir).

Larry Summers .png

ABOVE: Summers is second left, with Barclays CEO who just stepped down amid an investigation into his relationship with Epstein. (The man on the far right of this picture, Boris Nikolic, is Gates’ “science advisor”, who was also the named executor of Epstein’s will.)

On how Pinker helped Epstein in court even after he was a known offender:


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