Russians urged to “vaccinate” their cats

Russians urged to vax their cats
So this is how it ends

Edward Slavsquat
Nov 29

Leave our furry friends alone

If you had “insane Russian scientist says inject all the cats” on your 2021 Bingo Card, congratulations:

They’ve gone too far

According to the expert, pets can be a source of coronavirus infection for their owners.

“There is evidence that cats can be sick with SARS-CoV. Dogs are sensitive to a certain extent,” Butenko clarified, adding that weasels can also get sick, and there is also evidence that predatory animals (leopards, lions and tigers) have become infected from people in zoos. The virologist noted that cats are the only animals that need to be vaccinated in an urban setting.

The doctor believes that if you do not vaccinate the animal, you need to carefully monitor so that it does not show symptoms of coronavirus infection

Didn’t The Simpsons predict this?


Anyway, let’s see what they’re saying on the Russian Message Boards:

Why do Russian people hate science?

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