On THEIR “green” agenda for the planet; THEIR fake “energy crisis”; Their designs on the world food supply; and much more from SAMIZDAT


Interessante artikelen week #44


De Andere Krant podcast #4: Is de wereld te koop? (deanderekrant).

Niels Lunsing interviewde mij voor de Andere Krant podcast over het artikel “Wall Street maakt aarde tot financieel product”.  


Step 1. Redefine the natural world

Step 2. Create a digital replica of the real thing*

Step 3. Monetize the replica/ translate it into a financial product

Global Blueprint Exposed: The Takeover Of All Genetic Material On Earth (technocracy) 

The Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds (silkthreads, from Joseph P. Farrell)

Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

(Repost, W. Webb, unlimitedhangout) 


The Green Agenda or How This Energy Crisis is Different from All Others (williamengdahl)

“The price of energy from all sources conventional is exploding globally. Far from accidental, it is a well-orchestrated plan to collapse the industrial world economy that has already been weakened dramatically by almost two years of ridiculous covid quarantine and related measures. […]. Barring a dramatic rethinking, the EU and other industrial economies are willfully committing economic suicide.”

What William Engdahl describes is a subversion scenario. Here is a lecture by soviet defector Yuri Berezmenov on the topic: Psychological Warfare Subversion

Will ESG Create The Next Lehman Moment…???  (adventuresincapitalism, link from the solari report)

Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change (zerohedge, link from the solari report)

Putin & Xi Give Boris’ PR Summit a Miss (sputniknews)

India Rejects Net-Zero Emissions Target, Calls for More ‘Carbon Space’ From Developed Nations (sputniknews)


Sinister Rockefeller Food System Agenda — They Created it and Now Want to Destroy It (williamengdahl)

“…[the] GMO agenda gives a very good idea how Rockefeller & Co. plan the radical transformation of US agriculture, and it is not good.”


New Study: Pesticides Together With Electromagnetic Fields Can Stress Bees Leading to Colony Collapse Disorder (ehtrust)

Evidence of Wireless Radiation Injuries Ignored by the FCC (ehtrust)

“The Court found the FCC ignored the scientific evidence indicating harmful biological impacts. The record contained hundreds of science-based submissions documenting genetic damage, brain damage, headaches, sleep impacts, reproductive effects and more. These are referenced in our opening brief and all of these documents are downloadable in 27 Appendices. 

Electromagnetic Fields Impact Tree and Plant Growth (ehtrust)

“The measurements of all trees revealed significant differences between the damaged side facing a phone mast and the opposite side […] . The 30 selected trees in low radiation areas (no visual contact to any phone mast and power flux density under 50μW/m(2)) showed no damage. Statistical analysis demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts is harmful for trees. These results are consistent with the fact that damage afflicted on trees by mobile phone towers usually start on one side, extending to the whole tree over time.”


Propaganda – Goebbels’ Principles (physics.smu)

Unpacking Propaganda: What Is It? What Can You Do About It? (technocracy)

BIG TECH                  

Google’s Dystopian Research Censorship, Twisting Knowledge (technocracy)


Artsen bezorgd over wet die politie dna laat gebruiken zonder toestemming patiënt (security)


‘An Outrage Against Democracy’: JFK’s Nephews Urge Biden to Reveal Assassination Records (globalresearch)


The Assange Persecution Is Western Savagery At Its Most Transparent (caitlinjohnstone)

“The worst atrocities in history have all been legal. All the worst examples of genocide, slavery, tyranny and bloodshed have been allowed or actively facilitated by the state”.

Where it hurts: Poland must pay 1 million euro PER DAY in rule-of-law row with EU, top European court rules (rt)


The World According to Vladimir Putin (globalresearch)

“Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism – says the woke West is in decline”


New Weapon From China Reportedly Causes Satellites to Explode (futurism, link from Joseph P Farrel)


Dear “Not Fully Vaccinated” Australians, Thou shall not … Fourteen New Rules for Healthy People (theexpose)

Jimmy Patronis urges In-N-Out to come to Florida: ‘I hope your story inspires’ others (floridapolitics)

““We refuse to become the vaccination police,” Arnie Wensinger, In-N-Out’s chief legal officer, told the Washington Post”

Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine (theepochtimes)

““Health care workers are not taking it because they know that the side effects are real. In urgent care, I have seen myocarditis, cellulitis, [and] unusual neurological symptoms, among a variety of other side effects. I have seen people very ill post-vaccine, and then go on to test positive. The positivity rate for contracting COVID on the vaccinated is very high per the recent studies and what I am seeing in my clinic. A vaccine should work, and it is not working. It should be tested for years on something other than humans before we call it ‘safe and effective.’ There have been over 15,000 deaths from the vaccine that the media is not talking about. I will never take that risk on myself,” Zubiate said.”


(NL) Samizdat: clandestien geschreven informatie die in de Sovjet tijd verspreid werd in netwerken van dissidenten.

“Samizdat: ik schrijf zelf, ik redigeer zelf, ik censureer zelf, ik geef zelf uit, ik verspreid zelf”

(EN) Samizdat was clandestine and censored information information in the Soviet era that was created by dissidents and spread in underground networks. 

“Samizdat: I write, I research, I redact, I spread, I publish”


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