On the multitude of lawsuits filed against the “vaccine” mandates, and their chances of success

Court Deals New Blow to ‘Fatally Flawed’ Biden Vaccine Mandates, But What Does That Mean?

Even as the court last week upheld its earlier decision barring enforcement of the Biden administration’s employer vaccine mandates, major media outlets continue to portray the many federal, state and local legal challenges to vaccine mandates as unlikely to succeed.
Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Peruse the headlines in most U.S. major media outlets, and you get the impression legal resistance to vaccine-related mandates, at the federal and local level, is a lost cause.

As the Wall Street Journal recently proclaimed, vaccine mandates are “surviving nearly all court challenges.”

But are vaccine mandates really bulletproof? Or do they face a viable threat from the many lawsuits filed across the country on behalf of a broad range of individuals and groups?

The many legal challenges now making their way through the system go far beyond the handful of cases that have recently received publicity in the mainstream press.

They put forth a wide variety of legal and constitutional arguments that, at least in some cases, the U.S. Supreme Court is eventually likely to address.

This article reviews some of the ongoing legal cases, beginning with the lawsuit filed against the Biden administration, and highlights some of the legal arguments against COVID vaccine mandates.

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