No more real live doctors for the rest of us? They want to “qualify” AI to write prescriptions

Also, if you haven’t watched my long conversation with Tessa, here it is again. 

My Story on AI “Doctors” and 2019 Report Pushing for AI Medicine Published by Mercola
Plus, MCM on Perspectives on the Pandemic, and more.
Tessa Lena
Oct 31
Here is a collection of news that caught my eye.

This one caught my eye because I wrote it. :)
My story called, “Destruction of Medicine? A Bill to Allow Prescriptions by AI,” was published by Mercola the other day (PDF). It is about a recently introduced bill that would qualify AI as doctors, authorized to prescribe drugs—and a 2019 report by a committee headed by Google’s Eric Schmidt (NSCAI) that talks about AI and telemedicine as the way of the future, and today’s in-person medicine as an obstacle to progress.

As you know, Mercola articles are only up for 48 hours, so please check it out while it’s up! I am so happy to be working with them.

Click on the link for the rest.

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