Judge warns Jan. 6 defendant, sentenced to 60 days in prison (for nothing), “to think about what sources she relie[s] upon for her news in the future”

What, exactly, was the crime that Jenna Ryan committed in those two minutes that she spent inside the Capitol? You can’t tell from this feeble HuffPost article. It seems that the reporter, like the judge, thinks merely being there, and tweeting in support of the protesters, deserves two months in jail—and that totalitarian judicial reprimand that the defendant, going forward, “think about” what she decides to read.

From Colleen McGuire:

This article is about a January 6 Texas woman who was sentenced to 60 days in prison. She entered the Capitol for 2 minutes and 8 seconds. That’s appalling but this too offends me deeply, if reported correctly, “At the end of the hearing, Judge Cooper also advised Ryan to think about what sources she relied upon for her news in the future.”

Jan. 6 Defendant Who Said She’s ‘Definitely Not Going To Jail’ Sentenced To Prison
Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate agent who flew to D.C. on a private plane and livestreamed in the Capitol, got 60 days in prison.

Ryan J. Reilly

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