Joe Biden cuts the fart heard ’round the world, and not a single joke from SNL, or any other asset of the CIA’s Comedy Desk

by Taki

Last week’s 2021 U.N. Climate Change Conference was held in Glasgow, but President Biden made it Gasgow. According to British papers, Joe blew ’em away, letting out what Camilla Parker Bowles described as a fart that “was long and loud and impossible to ignore” while speaking with members of the royal family and Prime Minister Johnson.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Biden’s baroom was so disruptive, “Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it” since. And Johnson reportedly remarked to aides, “Maybe we should’ve held the damn conference in Tooting.”

The Mail claims that Biden’s blowout made Ms. Bowles blush, perhaps the most geopolitically significant example of an “attack of the vapors” in history.

The jokes about this are too easy: The president letting one rip at a conference convened to reduce noxious emissions, curb natural gas, cut methane, and increase the use of wind. In fact, it’s because the jokes are so easy that perhaps the real story is that the incident was ignored by Saturday Night Live, which aired a show just days after Biden’s Bhopal.
Keep in mind that fart sketches are an SNL specialty. In 2009 Seth Meyers penned one in which Grace Kelly (played by January Jones) can’t stop farting while filmingRear Window. That was the sole joke; she keeps breaking wind. Worse, it was a near-plagiarism of a much funnier 1993 sketch with Kevin Kline as a farting Italian movie star.

After Rudy Giuliani was rumored to have farted during a voter fraud hearing last December, cast member Kate McKinnon debuted her “farting Rudy” character (again, that was the entire gag: He farts).

Back in 1998, HBO’s Mr. Show even did a parody about a presidential farting scandal. Yet on lunatic leftist David Cross’ Twitter page, no victory lap, no attempt to use the Glasgow incident to remind people of when he was still funny.

Anyone who thought that Trump’s defeat meant comedians would go back to mocking politicians of all stripes was quite mistaken.
Nonpartisan comedy is gone with Joe Biden’s wind.

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