In finding Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on all counts, that jury (implicitly) found “our free press” guilty of FACT MURDER

This verdict is a bracing victory for common sense, and principle, over the howling animus of a divisive propaganda bearing no relation to the truth, as twelve people
good and true assessed the evidence, and on that basis voted to acquit.

The verdict has, of course, enraged all those whose hearts and minds belong to CNN, MSNBC, NPR and (above all) the Gray Lady. 

Rittenhouse Not Guilty On All Counts: Media Guilty Of Premeditated Fact Murder

Woke Cult About To Terrorize America With Its Moral Outrage, Refuses To See That This War Is Between The American People And The Media

Celia Farber

The Rittenhouse Verdict is Only Shocking if You Followed the Last Year of Terrible Reporting

A year of pronouncing the “Kenosha shooter” a murderer could have serious real-world consequences

Matt Taibbi and Matt Orfalea

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