How Kenosha was doomed before Kyle Rittenhouse showed up—by its “woke” mayor (who should now be prosecuted)

How Kenosha was doomed before Rittenhouse even picked up his gun: Gov Tony Evers rushed to condemn Jacob Blake shooting that sent rioters to small Wisconsin town then turned down help from Trump as local cops were outnumbered 2:1
  • Governor Tony Evers tweeted a condemnation of the Jacob Blake shooting on August 23, the day it happened
  • He said he ‘stood with’ all those protesting against racial injustice and that their voices should be heard
  • Within 24 hours, the town of Kenosha was besieged by rioters who torched cars and local businesses
  • On August 24, there were 1,000 protesters at the courthouse alone but fewer than 500 cops on the ground
  • Governor Evers only sent 125 National Guard troops on the first nights of the riot, to help only 300 local cops  
  • On August 25, the day of the Rittenhouse shooting, he agreed to send another 125 but that was it 
  • He says that’s all the local police departments and sheriff’s department ever asked for  
  • Trump and Mark Meadows, then the WH Chief of Staff, offered federal troops but Evers turned them down  
  • Rittenhouse joined other vigilantes on the ground who said they were there to protect businesses 
  • He told his trial that he only ever intended to give first aid and that he was caught alone in the crowds 
  • Ahead of the trial verdict, Evers deployed 500 National Guard troops to be on standby near Kenosha  
  • Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts on Friday afternoon – he is now a free man  


PUBLISHED: 19 November 2021 | UPDATED: 19 November 2021

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