How Covidian propaganda is preparing the “unvaccinated” for EXTERMINATION

So how is it not “hate speech”?

From Piers Robinson:

Dear all:

Important new talk from Dr Colin Alexander:

Coronavirus, Propaganda and the Coming Genocide?

This talk explores the extent to which the draconian actions of governments during the pandemic are similar to early stages of genocide

About this event:

The title of this public lecture has a very deliberate question mark at the end. No one can know what the future holds. Nevertheless, history can teach us many lessons. In 1996 in the aftermath of the atrocities in Rwanda and in the former Yugoslavia Prof. Gregory Stanton (George Mason University) developed a sociological framework to explain the occurrence of genocide as a human phenomenon. This talk examines Stanton’s work and suggests that we are, at the very least, on stage 3 of 10 (Extermination being stage 9) within the current Coronavirus pandemic. The implication being that those who have refused Covid-19 injection(s) are being worryingly vilified, ostracized, misrepresented and discriminated against. Moreover, with little support from those happy to take the injections, ghettoisation beckons if these people do not have full access to employment opportunities.

We are thus now at a stage where we can at the very least trace a trajectory towards genocidal activity. Democracy is meant to be built upon tolerance and mutuality as humans and yet this seems to be in short supply. This talk is for everyone and will contain no pro or anti-vaccination messaging.

Register here:


Dr Piers Robinson

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