Gavin Newsom is lying about his “vaccine” injury, and Steve Kirsch says he can prove it

He’s a hypocrite. Not only did he lie about his vaccine injury, but his kids aren’t vaccinated either. He wants YOUR kids to be vaccinated. He won’t vaccinate his kids because he knows something…
Steve KirschNov 15

Recently, I wrote a very popular article recently about Gavin Newsom being vaccine injured. It got over 250K views, my most popular article so far.

As expected, Newsom denied it:

Naturally, PolitiFact and Newsweekimmediately “fact checked” my article and deemed it to be false. Of course, none of them could explain why Newsom was a no-show at the UN Climate summit via Zoom. Not even for 5 minutes! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Not a very thorough fact check. And neither organization analyzed the before and after Newsom videos either by asking a prominent neurologist for their opinion. I guess it is hard to find competent help in the fact checking department nowadays.Well, I just got confirmation I was right

Not only was Newsom himself vaccine injured and deliberately covered it up, but I found out that his kids aren’t vaccinated either. Want to know why? Because he knows that vaccines are dangerous. He doesn’t want his kids to be injured. It’s OK for your kids of course! That’s why he’s mandating it for California. But for his kids? No way.

Here’s how I am going to prove to the world I’m right:

Gavin, I’m willing to bet you $1M that I’m right about you being vaccine injured and that you are lying about the injury and covering it up. We don’t have to drag your kids into it.

Will you take my bet? All I need is permission from you authorizing all your doctors to disclose to me any and all vaccine-related conversations, emails, notes, and/or medical records you had with them after you got your booster and give permission for me to disclose that publicly. That’s it. Easy peasy.

If you are telling the truth, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Your doctors will not be able to tell me anything since there is nothing to tell! There will be nothing to disclose. It will enhance your credibility and you’ll be $1M richer. No downsides.

What do you say?

I say, “Let’s go Gavin.”

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