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Divided Stasi of America: My Covid-19 “Vaccine” Mandate Grievance Letter to My Company’s Executive Leadership

Teodrose Firkemariam

Let me state from the outset that working for ******** has been a blessing of all blessings. After being employed in the IT/Telecom sector for more than two decades, I can say without a doubt that working for **** has been the pinnacle of my professional career. I have a manager who put me in a position to succeed from day one and my director and VP have likewise been supportive and made sure that my peers are treated more as humans and less as resources. While many companies pay lip service of putting employees first, **** has shown time and time again that the wellness and wellbeing of workers are of primary importance.

It is precisely because I am such an admirer of our company and so indebted to the culture of inclusion and worker safety that ****** has fostered that it pains me to write this grievance letter. I am astounded that the company that I thought would go to bat for their employees at all turns is now in the process of discarding a significant number of their workforce not out of public health concerns but because they don’t want to lose access to Federal funds.

For the record, I am not a Covid-19 denier given that my mother died from this dreaded virus on May 15th, 2020. Moreover, I am not an “antivaxxer” given that my son received his recommended shots and I likewise have been vaccinated from the time I was a child to now. I am not anti-anything, I am pro-common sense and pro-proven science. Though there are many things we do not know about these mRNA and adenovirus “vaccines”, there is one fact that is settled, the “vaccines” do not prevent contraction nor transmission of Covid-19. Ergo, by definition, these still experimental boosters are not vaccines at all.

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