Does Ashley Biden’s diary reconfirm what we already know about her father, just from (closely) watching him on C-SPAN?

From Michael Green:

Jonathan Turley suggests that the FBI’s seizure of the diary of her own sexual molestation by her father,  allegedly by Biden’s daughter Ashley, confirms its authenticity.  Let me add another confirmation, one that lingered in plain sight and sound for many years and may (or may not) be lingering still.  

There is a C-Span account of Joe Biden swearing in the 2015 Senate including Chris Coons, into whose daughter’s ear he whispered something that shocked her so deeply that she recoiled in such visible disgust that her father—not the girl herself—publicly declared to the media the next day that she had not been disgusted:
Coons: My daughter doesn’t think Joe Biden is ‘creepy’” 

There also used to be plenty of excerpts of the exchange on YouTube, one of which provided captions for what was whispered into the girl’s ear, which could be heard on the tape.

By the way.  Do you wanna know how horny I am to have a 13yo girl standing right next to me?   Talk to my daughter Ashley about the film! [Biden kisses her ear.] Herh, herh, hyeh…. You’re a good lookin’ girl.”

I believed it, but my ex- who edits film scoffed and told me it was a dub, so I went to the original C-Span, downloaded it to a thumb drive and plugged it into my DVD player hooked up to the TV and could not hear it.  So I plugged it into my computer which has a good set of headphones, dialed down the volume (that magnifies background clicking sounds), fiddled around and there it was, except that at the end I hear, as Biden de-escalates his grooming as she recoils, “You’re a good little girl.”  I checked it online a few years later and it was still there.  I have not checked it in over a year; it may still be there, or it may be there with that part edited to a muffle.  

Hunter Biden had his own channel on PornHub, showing him undressed with an underage female relative—a cousin, if memory serves.  There is also a video of him naked, complaining to a prostitute about how his computer was filched—the one he forgot to pick up from the shop and which thus became the property of the repair shop.  

When Ashley’s diaries were released prior to the election they read exactly like the blocked partial memories of genuine victims of paternal sexual predation whom I had treated as a clinical psychologist, and I found no reason to doubt their authenticity.  (There is no point in fabricating such a diary when its alleged author could easily deny having written it, which Ashley did not.)   I am only a little sorry that the crippled epistemology of the professional journalist prevailed in this case: Do not use a fact unless it is verified by another reliable source.  It’s a good rule, but a rule of thumb and not a law of nature.  Sometimes there is only one source that may or may not be reliable, but there is enough surrounding evidence to make it probably so without another independent reliable confirmation.  As in this case.  

The miracle of the C-Span tape is that is never poked its grisly head into public affairs where it should have played a relevant role, such as the last presidential election.

Let’s Go Biden!

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