David Martin names names; 4 parents win Ohio school board seats opposing masks and CRT; traffic deaths SURGE despite less miles traveled; “Hey, all those heart attacks are NORMAL!”; and more compiled by R.S.

A good list of the countries who are starting to realize that if they don’t start protecting their population they might not have one left when this is over. 

Fatally Flawed COVID Vaccines Falling Like Dominoes

Taiwan halts Biontech Covid vaccines after European countries pause Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zeneca. Governments are being extremely naïve to think a normally years-long process could be winged in a matter of weeks.

Increasingly it’s emerging that the COVID vaccines are neither as effective nor as safe as the public was earlier led to believe. Should this be a surprise? Not really if history is used as a guide.


Other countries… not so much

Austria “Just Days Away” From Unleashing Lockdown On The “Shameful” Unvaccinated

Austria’s chancellor on Friday said that the government would give the go-ahead for a lockdown for unvaccinated people, to be introduced in the two highest-incidence regions from Monday and possibly also nationwide.

“Our aim is clear: we want on Sunday to give the green light for a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a press conference.

This would mean people without proof of 2G (full vaccination or recovery from Covid-19) would be unable to leave their homes except for essential reasons.


At least 20% of our states care about their healthcare workers

10 States Sue Biden Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

A coalition of 10 states led by Missouri’s attorney general on Nov. 10 sued President Joe Biden over his administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers.

A federal court has blocked, for now, the administration’s private employer vaccine mandate, although a stricter one focused on health care workers remains in place.

The health care worker mandate, which covers more than 17 million nurses and others, doesn’t include a testing opt-out.

The coalition says the mandate is unlawful under federal law in part because the federal government is trying to wrest away compulsory vaccination power that has “always been the province of—and still properly belongs to—the states.”

“Federalism allows states to tailor such matters in the best interests of their communities. The heavy hand of CMS’s nationwide mandate does not. This court should thus set aside that rule as unlawful agency action under the Administrative Procedure Act.”


Hopefully it’s not the last.

The Pentagon Sees Its First National Guard Unit Mutiny Over the Federal Vaccine Mandate

The first state National Guard unit has made itself clear to the Department of Defense it has no intention of enforcing its Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

“The Oklahoma National Guard has rejected the Defense Department’s requirement for all service members to receive the coronavirus vaccine and will allow personnel to sidestep the policy with no repercussions, a potential blueprint for Republican governors who have challenged Biden administration mandates,” the Washington Post reported.“Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino, appointed this week by Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) as adjutant of the state’s 10,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen, on Thursday notified those under his command that they are not required to receive the vaccine and won’t be punished if they decline it,” the report added.

“It’s an extraordinary refusal of Pentagon policy and follows Stitt’s written request to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin seeking suspension of the requirement for Guard personnel in the state,” the report noted.


Let’s make this go viral

children have a a powerful tendency to learn from the events and forces in their lives.

given information and given trust, they often choose to side against, not with aggressors.

perhaps these students are getting the civics lesson of a lifetime.

starve the beast.

become ungovernable.


Make up your own mind on this one. 

In 1994 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million – 6 minutes


Gato Malo sends out numerous emails every day.  Most are good.  Some are very good.  This one is in the second category. 

watch as “epidemic of the unvaccinated” becomes “booster refusal killing the double jabbed”

hey, remember way back in 2020 when a whole bunch of us were saying that the truncation of the vaccine trials was a sham to hide their rapid fade in efficacy and that the whole thing was going to lead to booster after booster, possibly as a means to force you to renew your vaccine passport every 6 months so you’d be able to keep affirmative permission to work, go out, or have a life?

the tellers of what we all must do have been wrong about literally everything, recanted and inverted view after view, and claimed like lucy offering a football to poor charlie brown that “this is the last thing you need to be free of us” only to pull it away and land us on our heads and deeper in subjugation yet again.

at a certain point, one might legitimately ask “do any of you people have any idea what in hell you have been selling us?” and possibly even “do you even care?”


More on Dr. Mercola’s lawsuit against Elizabeth Warren.  Looks open and shut to me.  Maybe her punishment could be reading all the books she wants to ban and passing rigorous tests on them to prove she read and understood them.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is sued for violating First Amendment over Amazon book censorship calls

“Today, certain members of the United States Congress have apparently forgotten, or think they are above, the prohibition of ‘informal censorship’ by public officials set forth in Bantam,” the complaint reads.

The complainants also claim that Warren’s letter contained unsubstantiated accusations and falsehoods.

“The term ‘vaccine misinformation,’ as Senator Warren uses it is propagandistic and false, referring to any speech challenging the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines, even when that speech consists of factually accurate information or reasonable and protected opinion,” the complaint states.


Common sense strikes again but only a few can see it. This is a well written and worthwhile article. 
The Right Major Crisis Is Here
When a group of nefarious people (a globalist cabal) develop big plans and need the right major crisis to begin implementation, they create one. And create they did. But, no one wants to talk about it in the mainstream media or government. They would rather laugh and dismiss it as conspiracy. Why? Because they are all part of it. They want you to believe everything is normal with only a few temporary setbacks on the way to ‘building back better’, while they secretly remove the foundations upon which our country rests.

Americans are now feeling apprehensive. They can feel something vile is in the air, but still can’t put their collective fingers on it. The mood is one of anxiety and distress. The labor force, despite lies from D.C., is down significantly. People have been forced to leave their jobs or succumb to taking vaccines deadlier than the disease itself. All because of a virus marginally more dangerous than the flu. By the way, what happened to the flu?

There are still those who will drive onto a bridge even while it is collapsing into a river. They cannot process quickly enough the relationship of what they see to their immediate future. Even if some can process it, they refuse to believe it and plunge into the river. More and more people are, never-the-less, beginning to realize that this economy and political direction is not the normal ebb and flow. We have a one-party rule controlling the Executive Branch, Congress, even apparently the Supreme Court, probably through blackmail. They’re censoring speech, ignoring law and what is left of the courts, dividing citizens, controlling the media narrative.

This so-called ‘pandemic’, that kills a small fraction of its victims, is getting a reaction from government way out of proportion to its risks…the mask and vaccine mandates, the injecting of mass populations and 5-year old children who are not in any danger. There is a news blackout of the tens of thousands of vaccine deaths, lost pregnancies, injuries, the inflated COVID deaths. How many more people will die in the coming months and years due to the overreach of this administration? Why are these vaccines so important to this government? Are they that concerned with our health?

The inflation and coming economic collapse, the constant dictates, shows an illegitimate government out of control, with a plan, making up for lost time these last five years.

Former presidents and politicians from both parties were and still are working with these groups to change the world economic system. As Bush, Sr. frequently called it, a New World Order. They are godless and evil in their intent, willing to sell out their own country for riches, power, and a seat at the table. How else would they be able to take away everyone’s freedom, privacy, property, dictate where you live, and how many children you will have?


The rest of the story…

Michigan School District Shuts Down Its Schools Over ‘Negative’ Covid Vaccine Reactions

“At first, the blame might be leaning towards COVID-19, but a district spokesperson told ABC12 News that a large number of staff members had negative reactions to the COVID-19 booster that they received over the weekend.”


David Martin’s talk from the Red Pill expo last weekend. 

Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity– 50 minutes

This is a full length presentation of Dr. David Martin’s riveting Red Pill Expo speech reveals the “they” — the names and faces of the people who created this Covid “theater of terror” and who are murdering adults and children with their bio-weapon.

Not only does he call out the culprits and put their names on screen, but he divulges how the “mandatory injection” was planned in 2015, and discloses the hidden sponsoring corporations that are behind it all.

Here’s the slide.  You have to expand it to read the names.

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